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    Hello Everyone,
    We are planning on a road trip of around 7 days via this route in the month of June. We are planning to visit new york and DC on our way back. We need suggestions and help on planning on the part from Atlanta to New york. What will be the best route? Where should we stop for night stay? Any advice will be greatly appreciated

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    Trying to get to all the destinations you've listed in only seven days doesn't leave you many options when it comes to picking your routes, because you're going to need an absolute bare minimum of four days just to drive between them. That only leaves you a day at each of your stated goals, Niagara Falls, New York City, and Washington, and those may or may not correspond with calendar days. So between New York City and Atlanta, it's the New Jersey Turnpike to the Delaware Memorial Bridge, then I-95 past Washington and Richmond to Petersburg, and finishing up on I-85 to Atlanta. Your overnight stop southbound would be around Greensboro NC, northbound it would be around Richmond.


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    If you are looking for recommendations between Atlanta and Niagara, the fastest route is I-75 to Cincinnati, I-71 to Cleveland, then I-90. Overnight in the Cincy area.

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