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    Default Phoenix to Yellowstone then yellowstone to LA

    Any advice on a route to go from Phoenix to Yellowstone and then Yellowstone to LA in just 2 weeks!?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The most direct route is to take I-17 and US-89 to I-15, follow that to Idaho, and then use US-20 onto Yellowstone. Coming back, just head back to I-15 and follows that all the way down to the Los Angeles area. You could do the trip in 2 days each way.

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    Default What are you looking for ?

    What are you looking for, the most direct route, or things to see and do along the way ? If you are looking at stops along the way then we would need to know about your interests and how much of your 2 week break you are planning on staying in Yellowstone for. The list of options would be endless, so I would study a good map and see what else catches your eye, if indeed you are looking for attractions along the way that is.

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