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    Default Newbie RV family will be traveling from Florida to visit family in Montana :)

    We will be traveling from Destin in a 40ft diesel pusher, we have two children 14 & 9 & would love to make a scenic trip with a stop to see Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse then onto Glacier, MT. Any tips from how to begin planning, to the best places to camp and anything else would be so appreciated! We will be traveling in July! Thank you!

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    Default To begin.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To begin with you will need to do your own research to see what else appeals to your joint interests. You can do this by digging around the RTA site and having a good map of the USA at hand. You will have to have some idea as to how long you have for the trip and I would look at a different route in each direction if you are doing a round trip. I would say you are looking at a minimum of 10 days dedicated to driving, or 12 days at a steadier pace [round trip] and doing a little local site seeing as you go.

    Other places you could consider around Mt Rushmore would be Badlands, Custer State park, Devils Tower and Bighorn Forest and canyon. A natural attraction on the way home would be Yellowstone NP and the Tetons and down into Colorado, possibly the many parks of Southern Utah if time allowed. It's hard to beat staying in the National parks, but RV sites are limited in number and it's possibly already to late to find available sites, but you can get the info on the website. Of course the list of attractions and routes could be endless on a trip that takes you through large parts of the country and that's where researching comes in.

    To make a great family road trip I would make the planning a family affair, sit down with the Kids and let them do their own research as well. If they have a vested interest in the trip it will be far more enjoyable for everyone.

    Once you have a few more dots on the map and we know more about your interests and the time you have available we can help to fill in the blanks and answer any specific questions you have.

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