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    Default Road trip West to far North

    Hello! I'm planning a road trip this summer starting in Nashville, TN, out west to CA coast then up the coastal hwy, through Canada, and to Anchorage, AK! This nifty fuel calculator is awesome, but I'm curious if anybody has any info on budget planning for lodging along the way? Any other useful resources? I'm interested in tent camping but he wants mostly hotels and less the tent! So suggestions for budgeting is most appreciative as this piece of the puzzle I'm clueless on!

    Also, any general information people would like to share, I'm all ears and grateful, too! Thank you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It sounds like you've got quite the epic trip planned.

    How much time do you have for this trip, and how much money do you expect to have in your budget? I assume you'll be driving back to Nashville when you're done.?

    Campgrounds typically cost around $20 a night, and barebones motels will generally run around $50 - although in both cases there will be some higher and lower spots. The California Coast and Canada are both places where costs will typically be higher.

    The "bible" for driving to Alaska is the Milepost, and that will provide answers to just about every question you could have about driving to Alaska. It's a book you should really pick up ASAP. If this will be a round trip, you might also look at taking the Ferry (Alaska Marine Highway System) from Washington or British Columbia to Alaska.

    I would strongly recommend you take the Roadtrip Compatibility Quiz. If you can't agree on tents/hotels, there's almost certainly other things that you aren't seeing eye to eye on, and the quiz will help you figure things out now, rather than arguing about them on the road..

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    Default Not a budget option.

    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Michael View Post
    If this will be a round trip, you might also look at taking the Ferry (Alaska Marine Highway System) from Washington or British Columbia to Alaska.
    As spectacular as the Marine Highway is, it is not exactly a budget option. Though I do believe you can reduce costs somewhat by pitching a tent on deck.

    As mentioned, The Milepost is going to be your greatest assett. It comes with an excellent map of your route options. Spend quality time reading and studying it as you plan your trip.

    On my first trip to Alaska I was told that budget options for lodging simply do not exist in some of Alaska, and most of Canada. Even hostels are expensive. It was recommended I buy a tent, sleeping bag, and other basics for camping. Camp grounds abound along the way - see The Milepost.

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