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    Default New Orleans > Houston

    Hi everyone!

    Me and my friend are planning a road trip between New Orleans and Houston. We're both from the UK but have been to the US a lot. Are there any not to miss things we should make a note of?

    Also, we would like to maybe stop off at a road side motel, that you see in all the movies. Anyone know of any on this route?



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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Firstly, the things you should not miss out on are those that interest you, and you haven't told us anything about what that might be. You also don't mention how long you have for the trip or whether it's a one way trip or return. You can find lot's of info throughout the RTA site, including the Map centre where I have created a map and some of the attractions within 50 miles of the direct route.

    You can use the tools to zoom in and select flagged locations.

    Of course there are always options when it comes to routing and they can be built around your time and interests so I would recommend doing a little research and sharing more info so that someone who knows the area better than I do will be able to give you meaningful advice.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Roadside motels like in the movies.....well, these days, so many of the old "mom and pop" motels have been swallowed up or demolished by the big chain motels. When traveling along the Interstates, many exits will contain at least one motel (more than one if it's a city, or a town that is often used for travelers overnight).

    It would probably be helpful to you to know what the big chains are, so that when you stop, you can find something that is more local (if that's what you want). Choice Hotels, Wyndham Hotels, Motel 6, Red Roof Inn, Howard Johnson, and Best Western are among the big chain motels. I would suggest that you look especially at the Choice and Wyndham links, because under those corporate names are about 8-10 hotel brand names each. There are also brand names such as Budget Host, Drury (in the Midwest), and more.


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    Default They are around.

    Quote Originally Posted by gibbs20 View Post
    Also, we would like to maybe stop off at a road side motel, that you see in all the movies.
    These are often the cheaper ones advertised in the discount coupon booklets. They are nearly always operated by immigrants, mostly old and maintenance varies, as does their standard. Most will not be found on websites. If you are comfortable not booking ahead, you are bound to find some if you travel off the interstate.


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    Your best bet to find great backwoods, bayou scenery as well as old-fashioned mom-and-pop motor court type lodging is to steer well clear of the Interstates and take the back roads. There is no finer example of such between new Orleans and Houston than the Creole Nature Trail. which bills itself as "Louisiana's Outback".


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