U.S.89 Kanab to Kanab Creek Overview

Construction begins January 6, 2014 on US-89 North of Kanab between mileposts 65 and 68. Shortly thereafter, the road will be closed to all traffic Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 11:30 am until approximately April 11th.

The road closure is necessary while construction crews blast rock cliffs and clear debris. This will allow for the realignment of US-89 through the area and create a wider and safer roadway. UDOT is constructing improvements to US-89 from the 300 North intersection in Kanab to the Kanab Creek Bridge near MP 68.
Also from UDOT:

The highway will be open to single lane traffic for the remaining 21 hours each day and also open on weekends. Suitable detours could take as much time as waiting, so Kane County Office of Tourism community volunteers and local businesses will be offering extra hospitality to traveler willing to wait.