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    Hi Srinivasan,

    My friend and me recently went on a cross-country trip from Dayton, Ohio to Los Angeles, CA. We took the Colorado, Vegas route towards LA and returned via Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri.

    If you are visiting Chicago, I would suggest to take the Missouri, Kansas, Texas, NM, AZ route to SFO. Riding through Colorado and Utah using the US-50 was tough. Not to scare you, but it is rightly named loneliest road. We faced severe foggy conditions and there was a lack of rest area throughout the route. It is nothing like the East where we find rest areas aplenty. It can become a bit dull/boring as you drive for hours together. But Utah is a pleasant sight after that tough navigation. I would avoid the wintery places during this time of the season. That is why I am suggesting the southern route.

    The Missouri, Texas route is relatively forgiving and is mostly flat. We visited the Grand Canyon but couldn't visit any other place due to lack of holidays :)

    We did the whole trip in 6 days (From Chicago to LA and back) while visiting Colorado, Vegas and GC.

    Hope this info is of some help.
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    US-50 is only the "lonliest road" where it crosses Nevada, and wouldn't be used on this proposed trip. Traveling on US-50 through Colorado is a 2 lane road with lots of mountains, and while it is quite scenic, it is a bit of a challenge, but also wouldn't be used on this proposed trip.

    I-70 does have a major mountain crossing in Colorado, but at no point of it could you consider it lonely, as it is traveled by thousands of people every day. There is a long stretch (about 100 miles) of I-70 in Utah without services, but there really isn't anywhere else on the route where you longer than 30-50 miles without places to stop.

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    Yeah, as Midwest Michael mentioned, I am taking I-76 in Colorado and joining I-70. I will be on I-70 till it ends in Utah and switch to I-15 S on to Vegas. I am hoping it will not be as lonely as we have booked for a hotel in Rifle, CO (with cancellation ofcourse should things go not-as-planned before reaching Colorado) :)

    The info about fewer services in UT helps. I will ensure I have enough gas to make it through 50 miles at all times through UT.

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    The stretch without services is from Green River to Salina. There are plenty of warning signs reminding you to fuel up. Its about a 100 mile stretch, which isn't a problem for any modern car.

    Otherwise, as long as you are looking to fuel up by the time you are down to 1/4 tank, you really shouldn't ever have a problem.

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    That stretch that Michael mentioned is also starkly beautiful! The rest areas in that stretch either have no potties at all, or they are pit toilets, so be aware.

    We usually fill up in Grand Junction and then Richfield. GJ is often cheaper than Green River, and Richfield has more choices in stations than Salina.

    The other gorgeous stretch of I-70 is between Denver and Grand Junction. The "hanging highway" through Glenwood Canyon is an engineering marvel. Get fuel in Denver, or on the outskirts of it. Fuel is high priced in the mountain towns and in Glenwood Springs.


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    My Apologies. I might not be fully correct because I traveled the stretch only once and it was at night. I remember driving to some falls and a bridge attraction after visiting the Rockies, both of which were closed. We drove past Denver to see them.

    There was a penitentiary and then a road that curved right which is where US-50 began (I believe). Like you have said, the two lane road was on the side of the mountain and also had a river flowing for some parts of it.

    But all this is probably futile :) The weather in Colorado is much better than Chicago. So all the wintry weather caution I told can probably be forgotten. Loved the Nevada/AZ part of the trip. Picturesque doesn't quite describe it.

    Have a good trip Srinivasan and I hope you enjoy the road trip.

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    Default Always use caution.

    The weather in Colorado is much better than Chicago. So all the wintry weather caution I told can probably be forgotten.
    No matter where and when you travel, you should always be cautious and aware of the weather and road conditions, Colorado can and does see significant snowfall and icey conditions that are not only seen in winter months.

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