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    Default Tucson to Bisbee area - Lowell, AZ

    Monday, July 11, 2016
    Mileage : about 100 miles, one-way

    A great day trip from Tucson has always been going to Bisbee for the day. It is about a two hour drive, with several possible routes, with beautiful views along the way.

    Map with alternate routes - all scenic!

    It is a place we have visited often over the past 30 years, even done 10 Km walks through the main section of town. Believe me, if you walk 6.2 miles through Bisbee you see just about every nook and cranny. However, on a recent day trip we found a fun section of town which we had previously driven around and not through, Lowell. OK, it is only 2 blocks long, and just off the main road SE of Bisbee, but it comes with history and some great 'roadie' decor.

    'Downtown Lowell'

    We stopped here to eat at the Bisbee Breakfast Club. Luckily we were here on Monday for lunch, in the summer, so getting a table was immediate. From other reports and write-ups it isn't uncommon to have to wait for a table - well worth the wait! The menu is basic and creative and the food was excellent. They also have 3 restaurants in Tucson and one in Mesa.

    Bisbee Breakfast Club

    The Bisbee area is actually made up of several communities that are still referred to by locals as; San Jose, Lowell and Warren. Lowell was larger at one time, it was swallowed up by the mine, the western edge of town goes right up to the open pit. The local mining company, and others, sponsored the Lowell Americana Project and has made it an attractive roadside stop.

    Lowell Americana Project

    Western edge of town

    Next time you visit Bisbee take a quick detour, just off the highway circle on the east edge of town, check out Lowell.
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