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    Default Day Trip Planning Resources

    This section of the Great American RoadTrip Forum was suggested by Pat Mount, (PMount).

    We've long been interested in Day Road Trips -- and this sub-Forum will enable members to post their favorites!

    I created an index page for a series of day trips I wrote for the NPR affiliate in Las Vegas.

    And there is a subsection of articles about day trips here from around the USA, written by RTA Contributing Writers.

    Theory of day trips...
    20-Hour RoadTrip
    Two-hour RoadTrip
    Car Ride? Make it a Road Trip
    There are NO boring places!

    I will maintain a table of contents list of all day trips posted on this thread:

    San Diego, California, June 2013 -- posted by DonnaR57

    Tucson, Arizona to Ft. Bowie Historical Site & a stop at "The Thing" posted November, 2013 by PMount

    Tucson, Arizona: A round trip through southeastern Arizona to Naco and Bisbee and returning to Tucson, posted December 19, 2013 by PMount.

    Tucson, Arizona: To: Sonoita, Fairbank and Contention City, ghost towns and returning to Tuscon, posted January 17, 2014 by PMount.

    Tucson, Arizona: Tucson to Nogales - April 2014 posted May 10, 2014 by PMount.

    Carmel Junction, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada. Posted November 13, 2015 by Harry Kline.
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    Exclamation Halloween Road Trips

    This is actually a link to a vendor's site, but it does have some interesting suggestions for Halloween-timed road trips.

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