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  1. Default Driving from Orlando to Milwaukee at Christmas

    Is it too dangerous to drive at Christmas time with 4 kids from Orlando to Milwaukee?

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    Default Of Course Not - If You Do It Safely

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    There is no route, nor time of year, that is inherently unsafe for driving. There are specific conditions which make it unsafe to drive, but such conditions can occur anytime, anywhere. What is important is that you budget enough time so that you do not 'have' to continue driving when conditions (weather, traffic, health, alertness, etc., etc., etc.) deteriorate to the point where pressing on regardless clearly puts you in danger. Orlando to Milwaukee by the most direct all-Interstate route (I-75/I-24/I-65/I-94) is a two and a half day drive. If you have three full days, and can go into a fourth if need be, then you not only have enough time to do the drive safely, but have the time to sit it out when traffic gets too bad, get all the sleep you need, let the road crews do their jobs should the weather turn against you, in short to be off the road should the specific conditions you encounter require it. As a starter, you should schedule your driving so as to avoid known/expected rush hours in Atlanta and Chicago, and be ready to do the same elsewhere as needed.


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    I would recommend a modification to that route that adds 80 miles, but keeps you completely out of the Chicago mess. The last thing you want to do is take I-94 through the middle of the city.

    Stay on I-24 to I-57 to Champaign, then take I-74 to Bloomington, I-39 to Beloit, and I-43 to Milwaukee.

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