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  1. Default Need advice for best route from Vancouver, Canada to Manhattan, New York

    Hi, I am planning to drive from Vancouver Canada to New York in either February or March next year. I want to know what the best route would be for weather, distance and gas etc? Also how many days would it take with animals? I am also looking to rent a vehicle one way, if anyone has any suggestions?


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    Fortunately, the 'best' routes for distance, gas and weather are all the same: the shortest possible all-Interstate route. In your case that is simply to take BC-99 down to I-5 in Washington and then, using I-405 around Seattle, turn east on I-90 and follow that all the way to the Cleveland OH area where you'd switch over to I-80 for the remainder of the drive into New York City. You'd need about six days for the drive, including a few short stops each day but you should budget seven or eight. The reason for that extra time is simple. You don't know now, and you won't know even when you start out, what the weather will be like throughout your trip. The best way to avoid bad weather in that case is to just sit it out if it overtakes you. Hole up in a nice warm motel and wait for the weath3er to clear and for the road crews to remove any frozen precipitation and then get back on the road when it is safe.


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    I highly doubt that you will be able to rent a vehicle in Canada for dropoff in the US. You will probably have to rent it in Seattle.

    If you follow Buck's suggestion, I'd recommend you find an alternate around the Chicago area, I-90 goes right through the middle of the city. This route also involves considerable tolls. If the tolls don't bother you, I'd get off I-90 just west of Chicago (in Schaumburg) and take I-290 and I-355 to I-80. Try not to go through there anywhere near weekday morning or evening rush hours.

    It's about 125 miles longer, but you can completely avoid all the tolls and the Chicago traffic by this:

    At Sioux Falls take I-29 south to Omaha, then I-680 to I-80. At Davenport, take I-74 to Indy, then I-70 to Columbus, then I-71 and I-76 to Youngstown to pick up I-80.

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    Thank you both for your replies! We really appreciate your help and have lots of time to plan the trip ahead. As mentioned, I think renting a vehicle one way has to be done in Seattle. I will write all this down. Thanks so much!

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    This is a long shot but check with a rental agency to see if you can rent a vehicle that requires a relocation from Vancouver to Seattle/Portland/Salt Lake city. Check in Seattle/Portland/Salt Lake City to see if a vehicle needs one way transfer back to east coast... This might save you $$$ as you won't have to pay per mileage.


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    Default You could get lucky

    Another way is to contact rental car agencies in NY and ask if they have any cars in Vancouver or Seattle / Portland, or surrounds, which need to be relocated to the east coast. As mentioned, this can safe many $$$.... but it is a very long shot.

    I have read of folk doing this successfully.


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    Thanks for all the support on this big journey! I have looked into one company to drive a vehicle across but we will have a cat and a dog which wouldn't work with that company so I suppose won't work with others. Will look into it though.
    Also, checked out Hertz, if we have someone drive us to Bellingham airport then we can rent an suv one way to NY for a week for about $1500 inc $500 drop off charge, so that may be a good option. It's good that there's lots of time to plan!
    Look forward to any other ideas!

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    Since you are open to ideas :)

    Here is strange one but may be not be so strange for you for what you looking to do.

    uship dot com has "car transport" section where you may find someone needs car transported to east coast... You might be able to drive vehicle to east coast and they pay you... Considering you are willing to pay for insurance and willing to drive someone's used vehicle...

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