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    Default Seatttle roundtrip June or September

    Hello everybody,

    My name is Lisa and my boyfriend Jethro and I are in our 30s, we have no children and we are planning another roadtrip next year, preferably in June or September. We have about 18 days to spend (day of arrival en taking off included, so 16 days of travel).

    In 2008 we did a loop from Las Vegas-Bryce-Arches-Grand Canyon-Flagstaff-San Diego-LA-San Francisco-Yosemite-Death Valley-Las Vegas in 21 days, we do not mind driving a lot and we went tent camping. In 2011 we went to NY (5 days) and Florida for 10 days (Orlando (no Disney parks)-Everglades-The Keys-Miami).

    Next year we would like to have a similar roadtrip to the one in 2008, but without the camping. The idea we have for the moment:

    Day 1: arrival Seattle airport (evening)
    Day 2: Seattle
    Day 3: Mt Rainier
    Day 4:Mt St Helens
    Day 5: coast driving to Eugene (is driving the coast doable, it looks like it takes a lot of time to get from Mt St Helens to Eugene if you drive the coast)
    Day 6: drive to Crater Lake
    Day 7: Crater Lake + Bend (is 1,5 day enough for Crater Lake?)
    Day 8: drive from Bend to Ontario or Boise
    Day 9: drive to Jackson
    Day 10: Grand Teton (is 1 day enough?)
    Day 11 and 12: Yellowstone
    Day 13: drive to Glacier
    Day 14-15: Glacier
    Day 16: afternoon drive to Coer díAlene or Spokane
    Day 17: morning drive to Seattle
    Day 18: morning flight home

    Does this sound doable? There is a lot of driving involved, which we donít mind, but we would prefer scenic drives instead of hours of dull driving. We prefer nature/wildlife to towns and cities, we donít like shopping or too touristic visits and we love just to enjoy being in the States. During our roadtrip in 2008 we fell in love with arches, monument valley, the grand canyon but most of all Yosemite park, which one day we will re-visit. Are Grand Teton/Yellowstone/Glacier similar national parks?

    I know that planning a roadtrip is very personal and I did look into similar roadtrips from other people, that way I made the above itinerary, but Iím still looking for more information/confirmation/inside tips and tricks.

    Are there any must seeís/doís between Bend and Jackson on the one hand and Glacier and Seattle on the other hand?

    What is the best time to visit this area, June or September? Our preference is June, we are thinking of arriving June 18th and leaving July 5th, is it doable/fun to spend the 4th of July in Seattle or is it too busy for tourists?

    Thank you very much for any ideas/help you might have!

    Lisa en Jethro

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    Welcome back!

    I don't see anything that would be overextending yourselves, but if you want to drive the coast between Mt. St. Helens and Eugene, I'd probably want to spend the night in Kelso/Longview.

    As far as June or September goes - all the roads at Crater Lake are not usually open till July. In June, there's a good chance the West Rim drive will be open, but not the East Rim drive. The north entrance may or may not be open. In September, it will all be open.

    At Glacier, the entire length of the Going-to-the-Sun Road usually opens in late June and closes in late September.

    Yellowstone/Grand Teton shouldn't be an issue in either month.

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    Default There sure are.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa&Jethro View Post
    Are there any must seeís/doís between Bend and Jackson ....?
    Whereas we do not believe or suggest must see's/do's, this is one of my favourite areas of the country. There are a couple of lovely detours you can take off the interstates. If you head north from Boise on 55 to Garden Valley, cut across to Loeman and from there take the Ponderosa Highway through the Sawtooth Recreation Area, Stanley (pop 101), Ketchum and Hailey to Twin Falls. This incredibly scenic route will take you past Stanley Lake, Redfish Lake, several ghost towns and through River of No Return country. The road down to Twin Falls takes you past the Ice Caves and areas where the lava fields come right up to the road.

    Or you could head down the highway to Twin Falls and take a detour to Bruneau Canyon and Dunes. In Twin Falls, Shoshone Falls at its full flow is said to rival Niagara. It certainly is worth a visit and see where Evil Knievel failed to jump the canyon of the Snake River. From Twin Falls you could head to Craters of the Moon NM and onto Jackson through Idaho Falls.

    Probably much more than you will have time for.


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    Thank you for your help!

    We might consider going in September, that depends on work and other things...

    Do you think we can waight untill February to decide? It's not untill February that I'll be sure if we can go 2 or 3 weeks, so we might decide to waite untill then to book, but I don't know if this is too late for certain things such as hotels, etc...

    It understand completely regarding the must see's/do's, and I agree, but this way, I gather a lot of inside information which I can look into and then we can decide ourselves which things interest us the most. So thank you very much for your information, it sounds great!

    Thank you, I look forward to the further planning of this trip!

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    Default All NP's are special in their own way.

    You can certainly wait until February [or beyond] before commiting yourself to booking places. Some people don't book at all. We have just returned from a 3 week break that included Glacier, Yellowstone and the Tetons etc which was 'last minute' and we managed to get lodgings OK. Well "last minute" meaning" booking about 3 weeks in advance and we got lucky with Yellowstone due to their no charge cancellation policy, which opened up lodgings for us. I will get around to starting a trip report soon so you might get some ideas from that.

    Are Grand Teton/Yellowstone/Glacier similar national parks?
    They are only similar in the way that you could say Bryce, Arches and Grand canyon are similar. They are all amazing natural wonders but each one unique in their own special way.

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