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Thread: mini-trip UT/AZ

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    Default mini-trip UT/AZ

    Hey folks,

    I live in Australia, but my partner and i will be in the US later this year for a month or so of travelling around. Towards the end she'll stay in NYC to work and i'll fly to Salt Lake City to see my beloved Jazz play the Spurs on a Friday night, before hitting the road for a mini road trip south into AZ and then eventually back to LA. The morning after the Jazz game I'll essentially have 5 days/4 nights to get back to LA.

    I have pals in Kanab and Flagstaff, but I'm not yet sure of their availability.

    What I was thinking was...

    fri 15th Nov - SLC
    sat - probably drive to Kanab/Zion
    sun - don't know!
    mon - probably Flagstaff
    tue - don't know!
    wed - longish drive to LA

    What I'm hoping for is some guidance around what may be realistic. I'm interested catching as much natural beauty as possible and while I don't want to be driving through places and just checking them off a list, I'm not interested in more than small hikes either. Keen on seeing some of Zion, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, MOAB/Arches (probably unrealistic if I head to Kanab first), GC Nth Rim (though i understand it may be closed). I'm quite keen on the idea of seeing Monument Valley, tbh.

    Sorry, this is probably coming off super-vague and possibly naive. I've not been to Utah before and as someone who spends the majority of his life in moderate climate, I'm not sue what challenges the Utah/AZ weather might present. Any general advice or hints would be greatly appreciated.

    Obviously I've just stumbled across this forum. Hoping it'll be a valuable resource of mine for a long time. Wish i'd seen it earlier to be honest! Would really appreciate any ideas.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Are you set on the idea of driving to LA? It might actually be cheaper to return the rental in SLC and fly to LA, and that would also save you some time.

    Based on what you want to see, the best way to approach this would be as a mini-loop. Start by heading southeast to Moab, then go down to MV, and back around towards Grand Canyon/Zion/Bryce before getting on the road to LA.

    A trip could look something like this
    Sat - Drive to Moab, explore Arches
    Sun - Drive towards the Grand Canyon, exploring MV along the way. Kanab would be best to explore the north rim, otherwise Page or Tuba City would work for overnights.
    Mon - GC North Rim.
    Tuesday - Zion
    Wed - Drive to LA (or if you finish in SLC, you might have time to spend some time at Bryce along the way).

    That's a pretty quick trip, that basically gives you a half day at most of the parks, and you could easily spend more time at any of them. Also, if the North Rim is closed, that's going to change things up too, but its a place to start, and you can adjust it to fit what you are most looking to see.

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    Bear in mind with the north rim of the Grand Canyon: services like lodging, food and gasoline all close on October 15th. You can pick up supplies at Jacob Lake (30 miles north), but there's none there.


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    Default Services you won't require.

    If the North Rim is open, it will be well worth a trip. I wouldn't worry about what is and is not available. Having been there several times, I am yet to spend any more than the entrance fee. It is quite easy to enjoy these places without spending any more.

    Essendon here!


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    MM - I'd actually considered the Utah loop/fly to LA option the likeliest until a friend in Flagstaff put the hard word on me about getting there. It'd definitely make things a little less frantic. I do like the idea of driving through AZ again though. I guess that I just need to establish exactly whether Flagstaff is an option and take stuff from there.

    My friends have been pushing a visit to Sedona for a while too. Any thoughts on that?

    Thanks for the hints everyone! And hi Lifey. I work in Moonee Ponds so we're like 5 minutes away. Small world!

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