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  1. Default Nj to OBX... Rt. 50??

    Going to OBX this weekend for first time. Directions have me getting of Rt 13 onto Salisbury Bypass (rt50) then back onto 13. Is anyone familiar with this bypass? Is it better to just stay straight through on 13? Any advice is appreciated!

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    If you follow 13, that will put you on the bypass. It's Business 13 that goes through the middle of town. Being that the bypass only adds 3 miles, I'd take it unless you have business to do in town. If you need fuel or food, there are plenty of places to stop on 13 north of the bypass.

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    Default A friendly suggestion

    It appears you're quoting directions provided by some trip-planning software. If you haven't already done so, get a good highway atlas and study it carefully. By doing so, you would surely see that the bypass around Salisbury, MD carries US 13 around the city center, too, meaning you don't actually get off of US 13 but instead stay on it all the way around Salisbury. As is often the case, the bypass carries multiple routes--in this case both US 13 and US 50. Oftentimes, directions from software fail to point out these "duplex routes", making it seem though you must leave US 13 then get back on it, for example. Oh, and I've driven through Salisbury before: Wouldn't do it again if you paid me to.

    While you're at it, look closely at the routing on the Virginia Beach side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in terms of accessing VA 168 down into NC. Some software would suggest all sorts of silly routes through Va Beach, Norfolk, and the city of Chesapeake, possibly even suggesting a ride down old US 17 through the Dismal Swamp. Some simple map study will show the folly of some of the routes mapping software can sometimes suggest.

    Have a great time in the OBX!


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