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  1. Default Sacramento to Seattle 25th anniversary road trip

    Flying to Sacremento Sept. 19 and out of Seatlle the 28th. No set agenda, just taking our time driving and sightseeing. We're outdoor lovers and plan on hitting the redwood forest, crater lake, Mt St Helens ect. Any help would be appreciated in other interesting areas to see

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    Default A few more for the list.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It would be possible to do the trip in a day and a half so with 9 or 10 days you have a nice amount of time for sight seeing. If you are heading to the coast then you could start with San Francisco and make your way North over the Golden Gate bridge where you will find Golden Gate Rec area, Muir woods, Napa Valley and Point Reyes to name a few. Take time to drive the Ave of the Giants at Humboltd State park before Redwood NP. From Crater lake you could go up through Bend OR to The Dalles and drive along the wonderful Columbia River Gorge into Portland. You could also visit Mt Ranier and Olympic NP's and there is no shortage of other options to choose from.

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    Not interested in the San Francisco area, going to spend the night in Sacremento and figure out which way to go from there.

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    Oregon has so many possibilities! The Rogue River area (between Medford and Grants Pass, on I-5) is beautiful! Crater Lake has been mentioned. Between Crater Lake and Bend, especially between LaPine and Bend, the road is gorgeous. There's the Newberry National Volcanic Monument with the craters and ice caves. To the west of Bend is the Three Sisters Wilderness area...more for camping, I'd say, but makes for a beautiful drive! SWDave mentioned the Columbia River Gorge, which I would definitely "second" that nomination as a beautiful drive! Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier are also well worth a major look-see.

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    If you take the route through Bend, also consider the High Desert Museum (natural history museum) and a side trip to Smith Rock State Park.

    Smith Rock

    Photo: Don Casey

    Also note that Oregon has a LOT of craft brewers; if you're into beer make sure you hit some. Deschutes Brewery is located in Bend; try the Black Butte Porter or Mirror Pond Ale.

    You may also want to consider Lassen National Park. The trail to Bumpass Hell (the major geothermal area in Lassen) will probably be open. It's no Yellowstone, but it is interesting.
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    Thanks for the info. Since we are starting in Sacramento what's the recommendation on the direction to head the first day? Is it worth it to drive to Bodie to see the gold mining town since we would have to backtrack towards the redwoods or bypass that?

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    Default Yosemite ?

    If you are in a rental car then you have to consider that the last section of road to Bodie is unmade and would most likely be in breach of your rental agreement, but check directly with them. If you did head out that way you could take a scenic route across the Sierra's on Sonora Pass, CA108. With an overnight stop on the way you could take the opportunity to visit Yosemite NP which is spectacular, possibly my favourite of all NP's. In fact I would choose a visit to Yosemite over Bodie if I had to choose one or the other, crossing the mountains on Tioga Pass [CA120] and then north to Lake Tahoe.

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    There is no reason (except time constraints) why you couldn't go to Yosemite then Bodie. From there you could head up to Tahoe, then up through Lassen on your way to Crater Lake.

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    Thanks for the advice, don't think we are going to hit Yosemite, been there before. And at this point we are looking at skipping Bodie. Our first night is in Sacramento , looking at taking north on highway 5 and then west 20 towards the coast . We have not made any hotel arrangements, any suggestions on nice places to stay as we inch our way northwards? Would imagine we would =head towards crater lake. Would like to see St Helens as well. Were would I pick up the Columbia River gorge? Thanks

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    Default Drive both sides.

    You can pick up the Columbia River Gorge just east of Portland, and drive it all the way to The Dalles. At that point you could cross over and drive back along the northern shore.

    As you head up I-5 in WA you will come to the sign to Mt St Helen's visitor centre. There they will tell and show you if it is worth going further. When I was there it was so shrouded in clouds, the drive was just not worth it.


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