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    Default A rough summary.

    Even though much of my time was spent rushing here and there, I did achieve a fair amount of relaxed driving and sightseeing. During the four months I clocked up some 23000 miles, the van drank about $5.5K in juice, consistently returning around 15mpg, and required a little short of $2K in repairs and maintenance. (From memory and the occasional note I made.) I have now put 47000 miles on the van since I bought it.

    14 nights were spent in paid accommodation - motels, hostel and campgrounds - for a total cost of $510. 50% of nights were spent at truck stops. I was broke when I arrived home, but ever so rich in amazing memories of family, friends and places.

    Now it is time to pull the final curtain on this trip, as I busily get ready to board the flying kangaroo in just over 24 hours. Sure hope there is some snow on the Sierras.

    The potential hilight for 2014 could well be the Grandslam in St Paul, of which I have recently become aware.


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    Default Enjoy !

    Hi Lifey.

    Thanks for the updates and have a great time on your next adventure !


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