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    Thanks wec67, hadn't even thought of re-routing. The paper map is now waiting at the post office to be picked up, so can start getting into the specifics of a route soon!

    Will definitely be getting a credit card each, will go through our bank and get some VISAs - can't afford to have such high fees frozen if we use a debit card.

    Another question guys - regarding insurance policies, is it recommended to opt in for PAI when hiring a car, or will we be covered for that on our standard travel insurance? Or is it all dependant on individual policies?

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    Default Check your policy.

    Check with your insurance company. All policies are not the same, and not all are accepted by rental companies. Ask the insurance company what you are covered for when renting a car. (I always check at least two, and sometimes three times. Some do give out erroneous information.) Get in writing exactly what it is you are covered for when you rent a car. Show that to the rental company, and they will tell you which overlap and which you will still be required to pay for. You can do all of this by email (or over the phone) before you start your trip, so that you will not have any nasty surprises on your arrival. If you are going through a consolidator, check with them.


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    There are two kinds of insurance coverage - collision (pays for the damage to the vehicle) and liability (pays for the injuries to others). You will need to ask your personal car insurance company if you and your driving partner are covered while renting a vehicle in the US. Probably not. Ask about the liability limit. Carrying $1 million to $2 million in liability coverage is common in Canada and the US. A serious accident with a car full of people can use up that coverage. It may be easier to pay the premium of the rental car company. Ensure you have both coverages.

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    Default As I said.

    If the UK is anything like it is here, and from reading these forums I believe it is, then your auto insurance will not cover you. That is why my post said, ask your travel insurance and then *show* that to the rental company or consolidator. That way you will not be up for any nasty surprises.

    You will need liability cover, but that part is normally covered by travel insurance. In fact, the standard liability with travel insurance here is US$5mil. The other insurance is collision, mostly to cover the excess the rental company needs to pay in case of any damage.

    I have once had a collision with a rental car, trying to avoid being killed by an irresponsible driver. My travel insurance had been accepted by Budget, and I never heard any more of it. The damage was not great. The replacement car was there in a matter of hours and nothing was mentioned when I returned the car.


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    Okay, thanks guys. Will look more into it when we've got set dates and can start looking at the travel insurance. Would never risk not having the appropriate insurance, but was just thinking about whether it would be possible to avoid payong for the same cover twice - the overlap you mentioned, Lifey.
    Thanks again guys!

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