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    Default Silicon Valley to Research Triangle Park w/22 days to drive it

    I've never posted in a forum before; I'll take a chance here and see how it goes.

    I'm leaving San Jose on May 30th and driving to Chapel Hill NC (Raleigh/Durham area). I'm giving myself 21 or 22 days to accomplish this and I intend to stop in both Phoenix and Memphis to visit family enroute.

    Can anyone suggest some of the more interesting sights/attractions along the way? It does look like I'm going to be intimately familiar with I40 after this, however I DO have the time and wherewithal to jet off the beaten path if you can suggest something unique. The only thing I'm determined to do is visit some civil war battlefields while driving what appears to be the entire width of Tennessee.

    So, the basic question is what would YOU do if you had this kind of time and few distractions (wife and kids elsewhere)? I hope to not visit hotels/motels except to shower and maybe get into a soft bed every so often. Not that I can't afford them, I'm just sorta attracted to the idea of bringing a tent and/or sleep inside this big 'old 2006 Durago I'll be behind the wheel of.

    Any ideas would be appreciated

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    Default great time ahead

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Having 3 weeks to make a drive across country is wonderful amount of time. The best part is that with that kind of time, you aren't limited to taking the most direct route. The tiny bit of a downside is that because you aren't limited to taking the most direct route, there are so many possibilities of what you could see and do that it is a little hard to make specific recommendations.

    Some examples, From SJ to Phoenix, you could go through Yosemite, Death Valley, and even the Grand Canyon. Or you could travel down the Pacific Coast to LA and shoot straight across from there.

    Between Phoenix and Memphis, you could head back up to the Grand Canyon (if you didn't go before Phoenix) and hit some other parks in the 4 corners region, like Monument Valley, Mesa Verde (or really anywhere else in Colorado), or Petrified Forest before continuing on I-40 past places like Cadillac Ranch, the OK City Bombing Memorial, and Hot Springs Arkansas. You could also keep farther south, visiting places like Carlsbad Cavern, Dallas/Fort Worth, even Austin or San Antonio wouldn't be out of the question.

    For Battlefields in Tennessee, Fort Donaldson is one that I've visited and enjoyed - it is also right outside Land Between the Lakes as another place to stop, and potentially camp. Some other good battlefields would include Shiloh, Stones River, and Chattanooga.

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    Default Another Bit of First-Time Advice

    If you are going to post on this or any public forum, you should really find a better 'handle'.

    [EDIT]: RTA Members can't change their usernames... need to contact the Admin
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    If you take I10/20 beyond Phoenix, then southern New Mexico; Carlsbad Caverns; Vicksburg, Natchez and Jackson MS would be along the way.

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