[That is the name the grandchildren bestowed on her.]

On Thursday 16th we set out on our journey to Adelaide. It was around midday when we (finally) got away, and an hour later when we finally hit the highway. The van ran beautifully and sat comfortably at the speed limit.

It was west of Ballarat that a horrendous hail storm pummeled us. In vain I looked for shelter, but there was not even a tree around. At the (eastern) entrance to Ararat we stopped at a roadhouse, for a break and a cuppa. My last stop for the day was at the caravan park in Kaniva, western Victoria. A lovely little park with a dozen or so spots. Run completely on an honesty system, the basic facilities were neat and spotless.

The trip however, did not go without incident. At one point a truck virtually ran us off the road, pushing past at the end of an overtaking lane. Another truck doing the same stunt, rather than run us off the road, crossed the double lines forcing on-coming traffic to take evasive action and avoid a head on collision.

As one approaches Adelaide one travels through the Coorong. This is a spectacular bird watchers wonderland. The wetlands of the Coorong are a vital link for migratory birds from the northern hemisphere, heading further south. As we came out of the bakery a couple of pelicans flew over our heads. At that moment the whole story of (the late) Mr Percival came back to me. Of course, Storm Boy was largely set in the Coorong.

Now that the Distric 73 Toastmasters Convention in Adelaide, is over, I will have the great pleasure of giving the VW its first workout into the Red Centre.