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    Hi all,

    I'm planning on travelling to Argentina from end Oct to Nov - will be accompanying a friend who is attending a conference in Buenos Aires, so I will be pretty much left to my own devices for about 4-5 days.

    I was thinking of doing a short solo road trip from Buenos Aires, perhaps to Iguazu Falls, or Tierra Del Fuego. Has anyone had any experience with doing those drives? How are the road conditions?

    I was contemplating seeing if I could drive Ruta 40 part of the way, but it doesn't look feasible in the time I have. Pity - maybe next time.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Default How did that last trip go?

    So how did your trip in September go? Did you take any pictures?

    Would love to read about it, if you are willing to post a report with pictures in our special forum for this very purpose.

    Good luck with your trip in Argentina, a place about which I know precisely nothing!


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    It was awesome! I do have photos and will put them up - thanks for the reminder. I did get a flat somewhere in the Arizona forest - happily it was in broad daylight and I managed to change the tire myself.

    Now I'm addicted to road tripping as you can tell...

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    Default Familiar words.

    Quote Originally Posted by awctan View Post
    Now I'm addicted to road tripping as you can tell...
    As are we.... well most of us anyway!


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    If I'd seen this sooner, I would have replied much sooner, but since you're talking about a trip coming up this fall, I'm assuming that's okay? I've been to Argentina a couple of times. I actually lived in South America for close to five years, and half of that time I had my own vehicle (an old Dodge Powerwagon that I shipped from Houston to Cartagena, Colombia). So I do have some experience! The only downside? All this was forty years ago!

    But I can still tell you a few things. The infrastructure in Argentina is reasonably solid, good roads and bridges, but outside major cities and the more heavily populated coastal areas, you won't see high-speed freeways. If you've got five days, Iguazu is eminently do-able from Buenos Aires, and well worth the trip. Tierra del Fuego, however, is out of the question. You'd be travelling through Patagonia. The countryside is starkly beautiful, very nearly empty, and vast. Seriously vast! A better alternative, if you want to see the Andes, would be to head for Mendoza, due west of Buenos Aires in the heart of the Argentine wine country and within view of Mount Aconcagua, which, at 23,000 feet, is the highest mountain in the Americas. Another option, a little farther, but not nearly as far as Tierra del Fuego, is Bariloche, in what's called the Lake District, on the border of Argentina with Chile. There's a scenic route between Bariloche and Puerto Montt, in Chile--you can get a tour that will take you across a series of lakes, each one a different color, surrounded by perfect, cone-shaped volcanoes. It's world class awesome!

    Argentina is relatively stable right now, though their economy has been in the toilet for quite some time. I can only assume that all that makes it reasonable for American tourists with dollars to spend. Also, they've stopped "disappearing" political dissidents. All very much to the good!

    In any case, if you go, enjoy it. It's an amazing place with amazing people. Drink some of their wine. Eat a great steak. And dance the tango, with or without a rose between your teeth! Ha!

    Rick Quinn

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    Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately, we have decided that Argentina is too much trouble for the time we have: 1 week. We will do Argentina at some time - at which your advice will come in very handy... I've also read that Argentina rentals are mainly manual - so I will have to brush up on my manual driving before we do that.

    We might do Japan instead - will post a report if we do. =)

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