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    Default Florida to California

    Hey guys, I need some insights on what's the ideal route to take from North Port, Fl to Sacramento,Ca.

    My wife and I will be moving back to Sacramento this June and we have decided to take a road trip going there. We have no time restraints as long as we get there safe and sound. We're also taking the opportunity of seeing other great places along the way. However, I'm only particular with the road conditions and terrains, whichever can give us a comfortable trip. We'll be driving in our 2012 CR-V (2wd) with only some stuffs that could fill the back. So, I'm not really worried about the car condition for this long trip since it's practically still new.

    So I'd appreciate to hear some thoughts and advice from you guys.

    By the way, will it bother to drive a 2wd if we take the Arizona route? Grand Canyon is somewhat a place that we look forward to see.


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With a trip acorss much of the country with no time constraints means you have thousands of possible routes and attractions to choose from. The "ideal route" would be the one that takes you where you want to go based on your interests, time and budget, so I would make a start by doing a little research by digging around the RTA site [where you will find lots of great info] with a good map of the US to hand. Once you have added a few more dots to the map, [like you have the Grand canyon ] then we can start to offer some meaningful advice, but for now there is just too much out there and too little to go on.

    2WD will be fine just about anywhere you want to go, as long as you are not planning on any serious 'Off roading'.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Well, we can forget about the Grand Canyon for now as the wife wishes to drive all the way to California with a few stops to see some relatives in Fontana and Lakewood. So, we may just have to take the I-10 and then, I-5.

    So, I just want to know if these routes suit just fine in terms of comfort, places where we could lodge, and perhaps traffic conditions. I'd appreciate your two cents.

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    Default It'll work.

    All Interstates are built to certain standards and specifications so they would be as "comfortable" [?] as each other in many respects. Lodging is never far away from Interstate exits and traffic conditions will depend on the time of day you hit any major City, although you can often miss the worst of morning rush by staying to the west of any major City when heading that way. You will be heading away from the City when the majority will be heading into work. You're not going to be able to miss it if you are heading into the urban sprawl of LA though !

    Where you stop and what you do will be largely dependant on the time you have, but you should cater for 6 days dedicated to driving with only time for fuel, rest, food and bathroom breaks while having a little time to unwind in the evening and sit down and enjoy a meal. Of course if you have spare time you don't have to stick to Interstate all the way, you will find more interesting things away from them, for example exploring some of the California coast from Highway 1 instead of using I5.

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