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  1. Default Family Trip; Looking for Parks and Family Fun Along the Way

    We are planning a family trip home and want to incorporate a stop here and there to rest with a >1 yr old and a 3yr old. Looking for parks or anything were we can stop along the route and regenerate.

    Baltimore area to North Central Iowa area either along I-80 or I-70.

    Appreciate any replies!!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The great thing about traveling with young kids is that the stops don't need to be over-thought. Almost every town has a park and playground that can be perfect for letting them run around. Having said that, there are always state parks and other great attractions to be found along the road. Here's a list of stops, every few hours along those major interstates, that seems to be exactly what you're looking for.

    And of course, check out the RTA Map Center for even more ideas and unique stops along the road.

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    I'll go along with Michael's (and AZBuck's) suggestions. Here are some more than were not mentioned:

    Along I-70, near Dayton, OH, if you are interested in aviation history, there is Wright-Patterson AFB. There's a HUGE free museum there -- your 3 year old may be fascinated at the huge planes there. Or, follow the signs to Huffman Field. It's the site of many of the Wright Bros test flights, as well as their original flying school. For the little ones, it's a big field to run around in, and for you, there's a little trail to follow out to a re-creation of the plane hangar.


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