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    We are trying to decide between sleeping on a cot or a sleeping pad. Any suggestions? Cots seem to be more comfortable, but will take up more room in the subi. And pads don't take up as much room, but don't have as much support. So I'd love to hear what you all think.

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    When we went tent camping, we always used the self inflating sleeping mats, such as Thermarest. I believe there are other brands around now as well. These are comfortable and good insulators. If you were to use a 'cot' you'd still want some insulation, such as a sleeping mat, unless it was in summer. Depends on how much camping you will be doing, but the best is a good investment for comfort.


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    I like an air mattress with another insulating pad like a Ridgerest between me and the mattress.
    Thermarest is good but doesn't collapse as small as a true air mattress. The Ridgerest is necessary to keep from losing heat into the air mattress and is a thin backup pad in case of air mattress collapse.
    Air mattress shouldn't be inflated too hard. Just need enough air to keep hipbones off the hard surface.

    Cots can be too narrow, take up a lot of space when not in use and also need an insulating layer for cooler temps.

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