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    So I'm getting ready to take my 1st heavily planned road trip in late June. Going from Omaha, NE-Dallas, TX-Austin, TX-Amarillo in 4 days. Looking to find any info I can such as places of interest along the way, places to stay, and anything else of note! Thanks

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You don't actually say so, but the fish hook nature of your proposed drive would indicate that this is a round trip, ending up back in Omaha. If that's the case, and you only have four days for the journey, then you really don't have much time for sightseeing and the cities you've listed are not ideally placed to make the most of your limited time. So that would be my first question back at you - What are your plans exactly?

    The second question I would have for you, and this is even more important, is what are your interests? There simply are no lists of universal 'must see' stops. What we would recommend would be highly dependent on what you would want to see and would enjoy. So please let us know the answers to those two basic questions and then any advice we give you would be much more useful to you in planning your trip.


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    It is a round trip however I will be leaving June 24 or 25 and returning on the 2nd. I plan on staying a day or two in Dallas and then Austin before heading for Amarillo near where the reunion is held. I'm also paying for my 9 year old son, older sister, and father to come as well so between us anything would work interest wise. My son loves football and we are huge Texas Longhorn fans so I plan on stopping by the campus. Also Jerry's world in Dallas. We will also be looking into going to Six Flags for a while. Any help is appreciated.

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    You seem to have your Texas destinations pretty well in hand, so let me offer a few on the way there and back that might also fit in with the 'theme' of this trip. In the same sense that Southerners will visit Gettysburg, your son might also appreciate a visit to Norman just south of Oklahoma City and right on your way. And while in that area, I don't know of too many nine year old boys who wouldn't enjoy a visit to an Indian Museum.

    While in Austin, a local, family enjoyable, tradition would be a visit to the Salt Lick, and the Alamo, in San Antonio, isn't that far away - although it's not really something that I think your son would appreciate as much as some other sites. If you don't mind a bit of a detour on the way to Amarillo, LBJ's boyhood home and ranch.

    And on the way back to Omaha, possible stops would include the Dalton Gang Museum, a visit to Dodge City, and/or another Indian museum.


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