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    Default Vegas - Zion - Bryce - Antelope - Grand Canyon and back to vegas

    hi all,

    need your advice on whether it would be possible this trip in December. I plan to start really early on either 20th or 21st of Dec from vegas - drive straight to Bryce and come back to Zion during the evening. Plan to stay at Zion - see the NP in the morning and drive to Page in the afternoon. The plan is to see the Antelope NP in the evening and then next morning drive to Grand Canyon and then back to Vegas.

    During late Dec, is this possible? Will Bryce be accessible during this time of the year since its pretty high?
    Please advise - we know that this would be cramped but have only a few days at hand. Look forward to your suggestions.


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    Default the point?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It certainly is possible to do all of the drives you are talking about.

    However, I don't think it is at all possible to do all the things you have mentioned and actually have time to enjoy any of them - especially not in late december when you have the fewest hours of daylight available.

    At most you are only going to have a couple of hours each at all of these places, all of which really deserve at least a day of your time. So, while yes, you could do this trip and say you've been to each of those places, I don't think you could even come close to saying you "saw" any of them. If it's me, I'm cutting things back so I can actually enjoy the places I'm seeing, rather than just trying to race to as many places on a list as possible.

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    Default Agree.

    I agree with Michael that your trip is doable but will leave you little time to enjoy these great places. Sometimes less is more as the old saying goes. If you were determined to do all the attractions you could save almost an hour of travel by going through Zion first and stopping over near Bryce canyon.

    If it were I, I would probably have to take the tough decision and choose between Bryce and Antelope canyon and enjoy one of those with the remainder. [Although you could choose differently of course.] Page to Vegas via Grand canyon is an 8 hour drive without weather disruption and that won't leave you much time at all to enjoy this wonder of the world. If you were to end night 1 at Bryce canyon [or Kanab/Page for Antelope canyon] and night 2 at the Grand canyon [or nearby at the Cameron Trading post] I think you would have a more enjoyable experience.

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