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    Default A final summary.

    Actual report can be read here.

    Have finally sorted all my paperwork and pulled everything together to summarise my trip. Here in round figures is how it all came out in the washup:

    The Ford - including all expenses for the purchase, registration and insurance including the attorney; as well as all maintenance, repairs and storage... $12500.
    Fuel - consistently got around 15 mpg... $6900
    Airfares, including return flight with grandson... $4900.
    Accommodation - motels, hostels and campgrounds for 45 nights... $1700.

    182 nights were spent:
    70 nights with family and friends.
    22 nights at motels / hostels.
    79 nights sleeping in the van - 38 at truck stops.
    6 nights with couchsurfers.
    4 on the plane and 1 on the train.

    The place of choice to eat became Panera Bread. Not only for the food - soups and salads - but for their wifi. Some days I spent hours there, which would cost about $10 for food. Most will allow me to bring in my electric jug to make a cup of tea.... with boiling water.

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