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  1. Default Driving a moving truck from Milwaukee, WI to Lynchburg, VA

    I am leaving Sunday 11-4 and looking to avoid going through the mountains as much as possible. Any suggestions for the best way to get to Lynchburg, VA would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    As long as you are sticking to the freeways, you really don't have to worry about mountains. They are all going to be designed for use by long-haul truckers, with gradual slopes and curves, and a moving truck will have more than enough power to get across any road you'll be on. I assure you, I've driven a fully loaded moving van, pulling a car on a trailer behind, across the Colorado Rockies on I-70 without any problems at all.

    For a route, it looks like your best bet for a route would be I-94/294 around Chicago, I-65 to Indy, I-70 to Dayton, US-35 to Charleston, and then I-77/I-64 to Lynchburg.

    US-35 appears to be all 4 lanes except for a short section in West Virginia.

    If you want to go stick completely to the Interstates (until just before Lynchburg at least), then stay on I-65 down to Louisville, and then just take I-64 east from there. That does add about 50 miles, however. Either way, its a drive that's more than 800 miles, and I'd plan on this trip taking a day and a half, with an overnight somewhere along the road.

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