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    Hello everyone, I'm planning my families first trip out west for June 2013 and could use some advice. I will be driving from east TN. so I'm planning on six days of driving out and back leaving us with twelve days for fun. We will arrive Sunday June 16th and planned on staying in the Tetons area for three days. Then head to West Yellowstone and stay there for six or seven days and on the way home stop in Rapid city. I would like to see Glacier but don't want to fill rushed the whole vacation. Do you guys think visiting the Tetons will fill in for not seeing Glacier? We would rather stay in the same place while visiting Yellowstone and understand that's extra driving. We would like some extra time to visit local communities and some museums etc. Any travel ideas would be greatly appreciated, just filling overwhelmed wanting to plan the best vacation we have ever had! Thanks, Steve

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    Planned the best vacation you've ever had, that is. Truth be told, you've done an excellent job already, and avoided the number one pitfall of RoadTrip planning - trying to cover too many miles in too few days. You could actually make the drive from Kingsport to the Tetons in a little over three days without feeling rushed. Having six days for the journey will leave you plenty of time to visit scenic sights and museums along the way. Same with the return trip. And twelve days is enough to see the Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier. Yes, you could always use more time, but you've got plenty budgeted and your kids will love it.

    Here are just a few ideas for things to see along the way out and back: the Museum of Westward Expansion (underground beneath the arch in St. Louis), Harry Truman's House in Independence MO, The Oregon Trail following the Platte River in Nebraska, the Fremont County Pioneer Museum in Lander WY, Little Bighorn Battlefield in Garryowen MT, Devils Tower in Wyoming, Jewel and Wind Caves near Rapid City, Badlands National Monument, Wall Drug, the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD, Lincoln sites in Illinois, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Museum.

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    Thank you! Your ideas sound great and will visit some of them.

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