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  1. Default Planning a February road trip with teens

    Any suggestions on road trips for active teens in mid February? Thinking driving south along Pacific Coast, California desert, or a tour of Southwest might be great options.

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    All of those places could make for a great trip, as could about a million and a half other places. Without having any idea of where you are starting from, how much time you have, and some idea of what kinds of activities your active family enjoys, we don't have much of a place to start narrowing things down.

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    Default Involve the Teens.

    If this is a trip for active teens, my first suggestion would be to let them do some reading and research with a good map to hand and find out what they want to do and get them interested in the planning. If they have a vested interest in the trip it will be more fun for all.

    Once you have a couple of ideas down and can give more details as mentioned by Michael, we will be able to add meaningful suggestions to what you have.

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    We have a week. We're active outdoorsy types who love the open road and exploring nature. Often travel to Natl. Parks.

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