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    Hi, Im buying a truck in toronto and ill be driving it back on a manitoba temp permit, but I wanted to take the us route as its shorter with more gas stations, CBSA says not a problem just have the bill of sale with me, but MPI is saying i might have to pick up temp insurance in all the states i go through??? Michigan - Indiana - Illinois - wisconsin - minesota - north dakota ??? any one know if this is true?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You will need to have insurance that is valid in every state you'll travel through, but that doesn't mean you'll need a new policy for every state.

    Typically a Canadian insurance policy will be valid in the US, and vice versa. You will however, need to check with your insurance company to make sure that is the case for your policy. They should also be able to provide you with a proof of insurance card, which you will need to legally drive in the US and could be required to show that card before you will be allowed to cross the border.

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    Along with my proof of USA insurance, I carry a "Canada Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liablity Insurance Card." This Card is provided by my USA insurance carrier -- If you reside in Canada, all you have to do is call your insurance carrier and request that they send you the related "USA Non-Resident Inter-State Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card" to use while you travel in the USA - this proof of insurance will be valid in all states. It is my understanding this card is required for cross border travel both by US and Canadian residents.

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    You will also need a passport or other WHTI-compliant document to enter the US.

    From what I understand, you generally won't asked for proof of insurance at the border, but if you are stopped for any reason you WILL need it. If you have a temp permit instead of license plates, you might be asked for it.

    By the way, I show the all-Canadian route as 150 miles shorter.

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    @Midwest Michael

    Thanks, and thats what I thought and from MPIs website it should be but when I went into MPIs office they told me I might need to get temp insurance in all states :S which is why Im asking here. Heres there website.

    MPI has no clue what that is aparently, maybe its just a US thing??

    Well considering all temp insurance is is a paper in the windsheild ill probaly get stopped several times plus the border takes a picture of your plates I believe, as for the canadian route do you mean the one that follows the great lakes? as that one is filled with moose and lake effect snow and terrible 2 lane roads and little to no gas stations and it takes longer time to travel aparently.

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    I simply not as familiar with how insurance works in Canada. It appears you get your car insurance coverage directly from the Manitoba Government? That would certain explain the confusion!

    Really, the two big questions that you need to have answered: Is your insurance coverage valid in the US? And do they provide a card or document that proves you have valid insurance coverage?

    As long as they do both of those things - I would think the answer would be yes to both of those - then you should be fine.

    If I'm in your shoes, and are looking for the quickest and easier route, I'm taking the all freeway route through Chicago, Minneapolis, and Fargo, hands down. It should be much faster than the Trans-Canada.

    The Trans-Canada route is very scenic, and your concerns about fuel are not accurate - there are plenty of places that will sell that expensive Canadian Gas! However, if you're just looking to get back fast, then its not a great choice.

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