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  1. Default West Coast Trip next July 2013

    Planning to visit the West Coast next Summer from the Uk for 3 weeks. I have a mind to fly into Vancouver and then take the train down to Portland, then pick a car up and return from San Diego. There will be 2 of us, we have driven down from San Francisco to San Diego before and will look forward to doing it again. However we have no idea what to expect from south of Portland. We love dramatic coastlines, old towns, good food and welcoming accomodation. Would welcome some suggestions. One other point, there is somewhere north of Seattle where the Union Jack is still allowed to fly on US soil. Does anybody know where this is?

    many thanks


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    The Union Jack can be flown anywhere in the US (as well as any other foreign flag), but you'll typically see it only on UK Consulate Offices, British Pubs, or garages that cater to British autos. As far as any other place near Seattle you're likely to see it, it's probably the site of the English Camp on San Juan Island, near Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor. It's now a state park, but at one time it was the British Fort during the Pig War. Look up English Camp, San Juan Island National Historical Park.

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    Default A few more ideas

    Howdy and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. There are hundreds of posts covering the areas that you'll be driving through. To get a quick overview of some of them, please look at this thread.

    This post by Judy has several suggestions you might find helpful.

    In addition to posts on this Forum, you might also look at some of the published routes:
    Pacific Northwest and California.

    We also have a number of day trip suggestions that you might review

    And as a RTA member you can use the RTA Custom Map Center to plot out different routes and see a bunch more attractions along your own custom route.

    So.... hopefully, this will get you started and then we can help you refine your trip as you go forward with the planning.


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