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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for a little advice on a road trip I'll be taking in September. A little information about the trip first:

    I'm travelling with one friend. We're flying into New York and planning on staying there for two nights. Then from September 19th through to the 4th of October we'll be renting a car and taking in as much as we can, and hoping to reach New Orleans with enough time to get back for a return flight from New York.

    We're interested in eating some great food, taking in the night life, music and off-beat attractions. We don't mind excessive driving, but we'd like to have some breaks, of course, when we've reached a place we want to see more of.

    I'm looking for any advice on places to see along the road. Or if anyone thinks we're crazy to make the drive to New Orleans and back in two weeks. Tips? Anybody attempted a similar road trip in the past?

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    Even at a relatively relaxed pace, it would only take three days each way between New York and New Orleans, leaving you eight days or so to explore things on the way and enjoy the Crescent City. As is my wont in such cases, I will suggest simply that you take two completely different routes down and back, say the Blue Ridge Parkway, I-81, I-75, I-59 down with possible stops in Blacksburg VA and Tuscaloosa AL (college towns) and Gatlinburg TN (gateway to Smoky Mountains National Park) among other possibilities. Then on the way back you can take the Natchez Trace Parkway up to Nashville (great Country and Western music scene), then I-65 up past Mammoth Cave National Park to I-64/I-79 through the central Appalachians. Whether or not to include Philadelphia, Baltimore, and/or Washington is entirely up to you as you can easily bypass them entirely or head right through them in either direction.


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