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  1. Default solo road trip for the first time

    I am 40 years old mom from Israel planning solo vacation. my dream is solo road trip in America. I have 2 weeks total. i can land in NY or Miami and can do round trip or catch a flight to inner USA and go back from there. i want to see cities and nature. i love adventures, horse riding, kiaking, animals but also shopping, good food and music. i would like to experience America at the fullest. i love drining but prefer to drive no more then few hours each day and even stay more then one night in places that requires it.
    also i wish to finish my trip in 3 days relaxing in the sun (within the 2 weeks time limit).
    i would love to hear the best route you think is suitable for me.
    thank you very much,

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    Default Try Our 'Middle East', Then

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    From the description of what you want to see and do, your desire for not too much driving, and the time you have available, I think the area of the country that would give you the best vacation would be the eastern coast of the United States, and a bit inland, referred to as the Mid-Atlantic Region. It has an excellent mix of urban and rural settings, a range of somewhat different cultures, white water rafting and beaches, and you can do it all within an area that is about six hours by six hours (driving time) in dimensions. This would include the states of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, bits of Pennsylvania and North Carolina, and the District of Columbia. It would make things a bit easier if you could fly into and out of Washington, but New York or Philadelphia would work almost as well.

    There are the obvious historical and cultural centers of Washington and Philadelphia, beaches from Delaware through Maryland and Virginia to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Mountain hiking along the Appalachian Trail, white water rafting on the New River in West Virginia and other locations, scenic roads such as the Blue Ridge Parkway, wildlife refuges including Chincoteague with its wild ponies, horses of all sorts from steeplechase to thoroughbred to tame rides, lots of smaller communities that have a friendly charm, blue grass and other music settings, etc. etc. etc. And there's no need for the extra expense of an internal flight or taking a one-way car rental.

    It's a bit early to get into too much detail, but you can start by checking around these forums for similar trips using the search function at the upper right, and/or checking out each state's tourism page. But that is certainly the area that I think will best meet your desires.


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    thank you very very much AZBuck! your help has been priceless! i will search the forum and establish my route.

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    Default Some NC area attractions

    Hello navit,

    My friend AZBuck is, as always, quick and detailed with his suggestions, and I'm particularly proud that he includes my home state of NC in his first list of places to visit. I agree that you are likely to find much to experience along the East Coast, and flying in to Washington, DC, Atlanta, or even here to Raleigh or Charlotte, NC (service from London and Paris, I believe) should enable you to travel to and visit the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as the coast.

    The "town" of Love Valley, NC is an attraction to enthusiasts of Western style horseback riding, with the town itself being a replica of an Old West town, including hitching posts, dirt streets, and no automobiles. Riding trails through the foothills are accessed from the town. Up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Blowing Rock, NC is the location of the Moses Cone Memorial Park, a sub-unit of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Cone Park is about 3,000 acres of mountains, meadows, streams, and lakes, laced with 25 miles of gentle gradient carriage trails which the late Mr Cone had built to accomodate his desires for horse-drawn carriage rides through his acreage. Guided rides are available at the Blowing Rock Stables, and the area draws horsemen with their own mounts from all over western NC and eastern TN.

    Flatwater canoeing and kayaking is available on the New River in NC and VA. Whitewater rafting and kayaking can be found at many sites in NC, east Tennessee, and along the Georgia-South Carolina border the Chatooga River offers Class I through Class VI whitewater paddling (not a typo--Woodall Shoals is rated a VI--unrunnable). The Chatooga is where the 1970s movie "Deliverance" was filmed. Cycling along the Virginia Creeper Trail is enormously popular.

    In Southwest Virginia, The Crooked Road is a network of country and bluegrass music sites and performance venues and draws travelers keen on live performances and the history of country music.

    Safe travels, I hope you enjoy planning and taking your All-American Road Trip!


  5. Default sounds great!

    thank you very much FOY. i am doing my research now and will include your suggestions in my route. bye for now.

  6. Default from new york to toronto and back with 1.4 years old baby

    Hi everyone,
    my plans has changed dramatically and my partner and our 1.4 years old baby are joining me to visit friends in Toronto.
    our plan is to land in new york beginning of September and drive to Toronto and back. we have around 4 days for each direction.
    the baby will not allow us to drive more then 1 or 2 hours per day. we would like to see all kind of things: cities, nature etc.
    what would be the best route there and back?

    any advise will be very helpful.
    thank you very much

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    Via fastest route, it's at least 8 hours from NYC to Toronto - so if you are really limited to 1 to 2 hours of driving a day you might as well just fly. It will be less hassles and probably cheaper.

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    Default Why so limited ?

    I can understand wanting to take a good break after a couple of hours of driving, but limiting the whole day to an hour or two seems a little extreme. If you take regular breaks and had up to 3 x 2hour driving stints per day [say 4-6 hours] I can't see that being a problem. If not, I would agree that flying would be less hassel and you can spend more time at your destination[s]. We usually see extremes the 'other' way where people want to drive a thousand miles non stop with Kids !! [Which is definately a big No no ]

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    My kids traveled in a car for hours in a day when they were very small. When one was 16 months old, we drove from San Diego to Seattle in 3 days, and then had to take 2 six-hour plane rides. She was fine! So your baby will do just fine, too....mostly, they sleep a lot.


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    dear glc, southwest dave and donna, first thank you very much for replying.
    i think i did not explain my self well enough: we want to travel to toronto and we have around 4 days to do it and the same back. meaning we can take 2 different routs between ny and toronto each can last aproximetly 4 days. our stay time in toronto is not included in those all together 8 days. as for the baby, after 12 hours of flight from israel and another 12 waiting for us on the way back we would rather not drive a lot but i agree she can handle it if the route is worth it.

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