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  1. Default Driving from Vancouver BC to Gold Canyon, Az with 2 dogs

    I have booked a house in Gold Canyon from December 1 - March 1, 2013 and since I am bringing my 2 dogs along, it seems like driving is the most practical way to travel. I must admit I feel nervous about driving through the mountains at this time of year, although I am driving a Honda Pilot with 4 wheel drive. I am hoping that someone has traveled this route and can direct me to the safest route to travel, pet friendly hotels and how many days this road trip will take. I am hoping to travel about 8 hours/day which will allow time for me to take the dogs out for a stretch (not included in the 8 hours). How far will I get driving a total of 8 hours/day? I don't care if I can't complete the trip in 3 days as my goal is to enjoy the ride, be safe, and have a pleasant hotel that accepts my 2 rather large dogs.

    I would prefer to fly, but I have heard too many stories of dogs being hurt or killed while being transported. If anyone has experience with their pets and flying, I would also appreciate your comments.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond. This is a wonderful site. Thanks, Teri

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    The safest route is the fastest route. My software says that you need 3.5 days to do this limiting your driving to 8 hours a day.

    Take I-5 south to just north of LA, then take I-210 east till it becomes CA-30, stay on it till the end, this will put you on I-10 at Redlands. Take I-10 to Phoenix, then US-60 to Gold Canyon. This should be about 8 hours on the first 3 days averaging about 55 mph, and about 5 hours on the 4th.

    I would be looking at overnight stops around Eugene OR, Sacramento CA, and Palm Springs CA. Those are all large enough to have a good selection of hotels, some of which should be pet-friendly. The 2 chains that I'm aware of that are universally pet-friendly are La Quinta and Motel 6, but Motel 6 may limit you to only 1 pet.

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    Default Dogs and flying.

    Daughter of mine took their aged Alsatian from Downunder to the east coast - a 30+ hour journey - without any ill affects. Properly prepared by a vet there is no reason why it should be a drama.

    Another daughter of mine took her two Jack Russells back and forth across the continent several times, and once again, following all vet's advice, never saw any ill affect.

    Frankly, I have never heard of an animal properly prepared and caged, suffering ill effects from a flight.


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    If you fly, what are you going to use for transportation when you are there?

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