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  1. Default road trip from Vancouver down to California for 1 week

    hi everyone!
    im new here! please give me as much as info if you can !!!!

    I'm planning to drive down to California from Vancouver, BC with my buddy!
    we are thinking to go on mid-auguest!
    can someone give me some good ideas? like the places that we have to go, any cheap hotel that we can stay, any caution?
    also im thinking to drive my toyota yaris , would it be ok to drive this long distance?

    thank you for your time!!!!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The beauty of the road trip is having the freedom to go where you want to go and not where you are told to go. So this would depend on your interests of which we know nothing about. [?] You have one week, is that to get to California or to include time in California ? Is it a one way trip or do you have to return to Vancouver in that week ? If it's a return trip in a week you won't have Lot's of time to play with but you should look at taking a different route each way, perhaps hitting the coast and Redwoods on the way down and Crater Lake etc on the way back on a more inland route.

    If your car is in good shape and up to date with servicing it should fine although it won't have the room and comfort of a bigger sedan. If it saves you renting I would consider it as the fuel costs will be good also.

    These two threads here and here will help you to get started in your planning. Once you have a few dots on the map we can certainly help to fill in the blanks and answer any further questions.

    You will find many more threads like those by searching around the forums and by simply scrolling down this page where you will find 'Similar threads', enjoy !

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