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    Default Three week road trip through North East. Would love recommendations!

    Hi everyone! This is a cool site! I can't believe I haven't been here before with all the road tripping I do. I have enjoyed reading about everyone's trips. : )

    My next excursion is for three weeks and my route is the following (starting from Arkansas) and I would LOVE any reccomendations for cheap lodging and cool things to do:

    Savannah to Charleston, Myrtle Beach and then Wilmington and Outer Banks.
    Somewhere in Chesepeake Bay to Williamsburg, then up through MA and PA (route undecided) coming into southern NY around Binghampton. I'm staying near Syracuse for a week, then heading to Boston, then Rhode Island, and through Connecticut. My last leg is back through southern PA, WV, VA, northern NC, and along the BRPW, but I would love another route that is off the BRPWY that will give me a more ethno experience of the Appalachians.

    I'm not into the usual touristy stuff, unless it's a cool library, literary thing, or cemetary (love old cemeteries!). I really enjoy good, fresh food, so I'm looking for awesome places to eat. Not into civil war stuff (I know there is a lot of that where I'm going) but am cool with nearly anything. The less crowds the better. If you have anything for me, I would love to hear it. Thanks!

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    Default This and That - Here and There

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    On a trip of this magnitude, it is actually often the case that the best recommendations that people can make are either very general or very specific. You actually seem to have the 'general' well covered: You've picked a great area of the country. You've got an ample amount of time to cover the proposed territory. And you seem to know what your want out of your trip. So, that leaves the 'specifics'. We like to base our suggestions on things and places that we have personally enjoyed, so that's what I'm going to do here, sharing some of the more out-of-the-way places I've been to that fall on your route.

    However, the first few require a bit of a detour from the most direct route from "Arkansas" (I assumed Little Rock) to Savannah, staying a bit south of it. As an added bonus, you miss Atlanta. Start by heading for Old Cahawba outside Selma AL, While parts of this are Civil War related, this is actually Alabama's first capital and is currently undergoing archaeological restoration, just a quiet, neat, interesting place. Then as you're heading east towards Savannah, make the pilgrimage to FDR's Little White House in Warm Springs GA, another little visited bit of our not too distant past.

    Both Savannah and Charleston, of course, offer old cemeteries that are worth checking out. In Savannah, there's Bonaventure and Colonial Park while in Charleston there's Magnolia and Bethany cemeteries and the HWS Seraph Memorial all within easy walking distance of each other. In Ocracoke on the Outer Banks there's a unique little cemetery for the British sailors whose ships were torpedoed off the coast during WWII, while at the northern end of the Banks there's the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site where the first British colony in America came to such an untimely end. And with a handle such as yours, you're surely going to stop at Kitty Hawk, no?

    Then, rather than fighting your way through the Norfolk/Hampton Roads area, look instead at taking US-158 inland through the Dismal Swamp to Sunbury NC and then taking some 'back roads' such as NC/VA-32, VA-647, VA-610 and US-258 around to Smithfield. From there, VA-10 and VA-31 will take you to the Surrey-Jamestown ferry across the James River to Jamestown where Cedar Cemetery is one of the oldest in America and actually encompasses several different periods and graveyards.

    On a more general note, I would also suggest looking at using US-15 rather than I-81 for working your way north to Syracuse. It's just slower paced, more local feeling, and gives you the chance to enjoy the fact that you're following a river valley (the Susquehanna). Same for the drive from Syracuse to Boston, try US-20 in New York and MA-2 in Massachusetts rather than the turnpikes. Hartford CT is another place that might be worth a bit of a detour for a couple of reasons. First, Mark Twain's and Harriet Beecher Stowe's homes are next door to each other and both are open to the public. Secondly, south of town are two great little hidden treasures, the Rocky Hill-Glastonbury ferry, the oldest continuously operating ferry in the country, and Dinosaur State Park where you can make your own plaster casts of actual dinosaur foot prints. As far a local alternatives to the Blue Ridge Parkway, VA-42, US-220,and US-219 are all good alternatives.


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    A friend of mine who is a "foodie" highly recommends Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah, Lady and Sons. She makes the comment that you will want to have reservations or be prepared for a long wait.

    Another friend of mine loves Colonial Williamsburg. Often, people will pass it by and never give it another thought. It's a lot of history about the colonies.

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    Thanks! I checked out your suggestions on my atlas and they look great, especially the roads going from NC to VA. I wondered how much traffic I would run into in those areas on the main hwys. I had already planned on taking 5/20 across NY towards Mass. My actual destination in NY is Waterloo, which is a small town south west of Syracuse actually on 5/20, so I will be heading up 414 along Seneca Lake, I think. I've been that way before and it's a beautiful drive.

    I definitely want to check out Twain's house in Hartford and the cemetery. That will be the second favorite author's house I will get to visit (along with O'Connor's farm, Andulusia in GA). It's too bad Frost's house is so far up New Hampshire; I won't have time to visit that. I hope to also visit Dickinson's house (and her brother's). I will also be stopping Providence, RI. There is a super cool old library there I want to check out. Actually, I plan on visiting the library in each town to satisify the bibliophile lurking inside me. Waterloo has a neat little library in an old stone church.

    Coming out of AR, I'm going to hit Mississippi at Greenville and shoot across AL, because I want to hit GA below Atlanta and head to Milledgeville (where Andulusia is).

    I'm so glad you mentioned the cemeteries in the Outer Banks. My uncle lived on Cape Hatteras, so I'm especially interested in those areas. I had already planned on Bonadventure in Savannah (I think I'll do the night ghost tour and be a normal tourist at least once : )).

    I'm really excited about the Boston area. I've never been before. I want to visit Little Italy.

    Thanks again for the suggestions. If you think of anything else, let me know! : )

    (My car is named after Amelia Earhart).

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    Thanks, Donna! I'm debating whether or not to go to Colonial Williamsburg. It definitely sounds cool.

    I had heard of Paula Deen's restaurant. Not sure if I will try it, yet. I will have a friend with me at that time, so I'll leave it up to her. There is a crab shack on Tybee Island I definitely want to check out.
    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Default Robert Frost Home(s)

    You may be thinking of the Robert Frost home in Shaftsbury, Vermont, and yes, that would be a hike from the Boston area. But he also had another home, only an hour from Boston, in Derry, NH that you might be able to get to.

    Also in the Boston area, of course, are the home of Emily Dickinson and Hawthorne's House of Seven Gables, as well as Walden Pond and the Old Manse.


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    I think the Frost house I am thinking of is in northern New Hampshire...Franconia comes to mind.

    I'm trying to decide whether or not to make lodging reservtions, or hope I come across lodging when I need it. I got stuck in the Ohio River Valley one time, unable to find a decent hotel, and ended up staying in a pit.

    What do other road trippers do, in that regards?

    And, what's the consensus of a woman camping alone in a state park? Safe? Not a good idea?

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