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  1. Default New Orleans to Louisville - most interesting route?

    This will be a round trip so we'd like to go up one way and back down another. Would welcome any suggestions of 'must-sees'.

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    How much time do you have?

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    2 days/1 night each direction

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    The obvious scenic drive nearly all the way up is the Natchez Trace Parkway. You can pick it up in either Natchez or Jackson and take it all the way to Nashville, That is about as relaxed and scenic as a road gets, and it's historic, and it's a national park, and it goes by some great places - a true no-brainer. From Nashville, either I-65 or the more relaxing US-31W will take you up past Mammoth Cave to Louisville.

    For the return trip, you'll need to do a bit more navigating, as I'd suggest that you basically follow the western foothills of the Appalachians. Unfortunately, most of the named scenic byways in this region are oriented east-west and so don't suit your purpose, but you can string together some nice roads anyway such as US-150 east to US-127 south, using TN-28 in southern Tennessee to bypass Chattanooga and get to US-72 and AL-79 down to Birmingham. From there, US-11/US-43 will take you down to the Gulf at Mobile for the last leg of the drive home..The main 'attractions' of this route are the changing geography, driving at a very laid back pace, and the chance to poke into a number of small towns.


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    If you've never been to Natchez, I'd second AZ Buck's suggestion that you start there. There are many pre-Civil War mansions in Natchez and if you hit it at the right time, you might be able to catch a house tour. From Natchez, you could either pick up the Trace to Nashville or continue on north on US 61 to Vicksburg. If you have any interest in the Civil War, the battlefield at Vicksburg is a good stop. At Vicksburg, you would again have the choice of picking up the Trace or continuing on north to Memphis and a visit to Graceland if you have any interest in Elvis. From Memphis, you could pick up I-40 to Nashville and from there, I-65 to Louisville with possibly a stop at Mammoth Cave as suggested above.

    Coming back, you might consider a bit of a jaunt to the east and Lexington. In Lexington, the Kentucky Horse Park is a great stop and just a drive through the Blue Grass Horse Country is a beautiful drive. From Lexington you could take I-75 to Knoxville and then pick up US 411 and 441 in to Gatlinburg which is a wonderful place to spend some time. This would take you through Pigeon Forge and although it is not my bag of tea, this area of shops and other tourist attractions is a favorite of many. This would pretty well exhaust your time so from Gatlinburg, you'd probably have to find your way to Cleveland, TN or Chattanoog, TN where you could pick up the Interstate system in to New Orleans.

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    thanks for all the good tips

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