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  1. Default RV Pan American Highway - GIVING, NOT ONLY TAKING! thoughts for this year's traveling

    Traveling and Giving on the Pan Am

    The reason I amgoing once again on the RV trip of a lifetime, it may seem repetitive, but it is not, one lady traveled three times with the group, and then flew down again.

    The RVexpedition groups have traveled the Pan American Highway for 14 years, and this next expedition is the 15th Anniversary. The trips focus on really seeing the countriesrealistically, as they truly are. The people, the communities, the cultures, the schools, and the natureare seen from the RV window in REAL LIFE! just as it is!, not a "show" put onfor cruise ship tourists!

    We also saw everything the "fly-in" tourist would also.

    Living the trip is everyday! One day we may start out and the destination might be the famous Machu Picchu the pre-Columbian 15th-century Inca site, and another day it may be Pozo Almonte, a little known town of 1500 persons! But, in those littleknown, off-the-beaten-path places and towns, you may find the most rewarding observations and experiences – by "living" the trip.

    These are the times you must, take a breath, sometimes close your eyes, and maybe even pinch yourself, to realize where you actually are! You are living next to "new neighbors" who have accepted you, not as a "tourist", but as a person (with also your home with you) who has the interest to visit their small town, and interact with them.

    They really want to "show" you everything, again not as atourist, but a friend from a far away place. We were often asked from other foreign tourist we met enroute – "have you had any problems?" The response usually was, the main problem we had encountered was:saying NO! No we can't stay any longer, NO, we can't eat anymore of the homemade bread, NO, we could not take that shirt off your back! And on and on. The people were so friendly, and most of all SINCERE!

    THE GIVING BACK – We were advised to bring some children's clothes, some school supplies, and photographs from home, of our home, town,and family to show enroute. These items all "broke the ice" with our new neighbors. MANY TIMES WE ALSO HAD RETIRED TEACHERS WITH US.

    Some of our people showed the children (and the adults also) what their areas have to offer, especially the birds and nature, they were so surprised to see we had the birds in our materials, and they appreciated this learning of birds and also flowers. They taught us about many plants used for medicines, and new fruits that we never knew existed!

    Besides the tourist attractions, we visit small country schools, community halls, coffee plantations, sugar factories, handicraft areas, farms and grain elevators, and many other off beat places. At the schools, we visit with the permission of the staff, and see the everyday school life. Afterwards, we leave some school supplies, and share photos with the children and teachers. Also maybe send an old computer from home afterwards to them.

    The trek staff has a emt or paramedic present, and many times there is an opportunity to do a community blood pressure check, and this is also done in the rural areas, while the groups sees the points ofinterest. The people are so grateful that we show an interest. Most of the time there are some retired nurses, who also participate in this. - This is part of the GIVING BACK! This is enjoying the tourism, the countries, and the people,and leaving with a great feeling of the experience! Nothing against the Cruise Ship Tourist, but only the RVtourist can do this!


    We are so lucky to be able (still) to travel via RV! Only in this mode of travel could we see what we do, and be so close to the people. Also you can not compare this travel with the TOURGROUPS, because AT THE END OF THE DAY, you have your own gettaway!, if you feel like joining the others at the campfire, or happy hour YOU CAN! AND for some reason, YOU CAN CHOOSE NOT TO. I sure hope we can contine this life as is!!!

  2. Default Meet your neighbors to the south!! Pan am in 2012

    "I took this article from a recent news story, but have omitted the exact names so not to be doing a ad promotion, but there is groups going down the Pan American Highway in RVs.... and for over 15 years... I am going this year too!

    Overland Expedition 15th Anniversary
    A 15th annual RV Expedition will start in McAllen, Texas in August, 2012 and travel over 12,000 miles in four months through fourteen Latin American countries.

    This is the longest, most ambitious RV expedition available

    Recreational Vehicles offer adventurous travelers the opportunity to see these foreign countries and their people, as they really are, while traveling at a leisurely pace. The RV should be of a smaller type...under 30'.

    Logistic planning for the first South America Expedition began in 1990. Four years later, on August 23, 1996 the first organized tour to South America departed from McAllen, Texas. The six-unit caravan, aptly named consisted of American and Canadian tourists who traveled for 135 days thru various weather conditions and over all types of terrain. It proved to be a tremendous travel experience! Now, the expedition will repeat this famous route, with ten recreational vehicles and 20 persons.

    This year’s expedition will depart in early August and return approximately the 15th of December. The main travel routing will follow the Pan American Highway, with various side trips of tourist interest. A sampling of the attractions include; the Panama Canal, Atacama Desert in Peru, the wine and Lake District of Chile, glaciers of Argentina, the southernmost city in the world – Ushuaia, Argentina, the Petrified Forest of Argentina, Whale, Flamingo and Penguin Watching at Puerto Piramides, Argentina, then northeast to Buenos Aires, and the heartland of Uruguay, touching the southern coast of Brazil, an option is nearly 4000 miles of Brazilian coastline, and a 6-day trip onboard a river barge up the Amazon River with our vehicles.

    BIRDING is one of the most popular activities on this trip, with flamingos, penguins, owls, storks, reas, condors, quetzals, eagles, black swans, hawks, and so many more! Metaldetecting, wine tasting, snow sking, fishing, mine tours, rual farms, chocolate factories...more and more...

    Tourism bureaus from all 14 countries involved will be assisting the group as they pass through their respective nations. Along with the tourism bureauÂ’s assistance, assistance is provided by various embassies, the Pan American Highway Committee as well as Camping and Auto Clubs of the countries visited.

    The group is continually traveling to South America on mapping expeditions in various countries to make sure logistical information is accurate before each new trip. Central and South America have entered a new era of tourism, and this company plans on playing a major role in making that growth a reality, while providing tourists a unique opportunity to visit our intriguing southern neighbors.

  3. Default DRIVING AND RETIRING IN LATIN AMERICA...Central and South America by RV

    RETIRE AT HOME? or INVESTIGATE YOUR LATIN AMERICAN OPTIONS while driving the Americas! You have probably heard; Retire in Mexico, Retire in Costa Rica, or I can live on my $800/month pension, like a King in Brazil !....... well there are some places you can retire to that you may love to be in and also the climates are favorable, maybe because of a medical condition. Also there are countries that have many medical benefits and low-cost or free care.

    Foreign Retirement is a discussion in itself, pros and cons, countries have encouraged the foreign retiree by offering many incentives such as free importation of household goods, auto, and a duty-free status as a retired person. Panama has a straight 20% discount to all retirees at all restaurants, 30% on movies, and many admissions are also included.

    A way to "investigate" the different Latin Possibilites in your RV is to go drive on the Pan American Highway to the tip of South America! This way you can visit, not only the big cities, but the small towns, and villages, farms, and communities in between. Actually iiving in your RV, you can see the way you have to buy groceries, buy propane, water, pay taxes (if any), and get the feel of the neighborhoods. The local garage, hardware store, restaurant, and know how much a loaf of bread costs. This you usually can not do by flying in and staying in hotels.

    If you drive the Pan Am Highway from the USA, you will pass through about 13 different countries, various cultures (Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, English, and Welch), The foods and wines are also a great experience. See for yourself, go to the end of the worlds' longest highway. You can do by yourself with pre-planning and you can also go with a motorhome, or trek group that does this type of tours or expeditions over the interamerican roadway.

    I have traveled it and found about a half dozen places very's the decision of "which" I am still have to choose between culture, foods, medical, climates, sports, fishing, birds, nature, and the friendliness of the various residents is so overwelming ...that why it is so difficult of a decision.

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    We can see you are very passionate about traveling to South America, and we love hearing about your experience.

    However, we would also prefer that you keep all of your posts on this topic together in the same thread, as such, I have merged the above threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midwest michael View Post
    we can see you are very passionate about traveling to south america, and we love hearing about your experience.

    However, we would also prefer that you keep all of your posts on this topic together in the same thread, as such, i have merged the above threads.
    thank you very much...

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