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  1. Default 2.5 day trip NYC to Florida. Suggestions for improvement.

    Main point is to drive through OBX, stop in Ocracoke for a bit, see few lighthouses on the islands but the plan is..

    Day 1: leave around noon, drive NYC to Norfolk via US13, overnight in Norfolk.
    Day 2: drive from Norfolk via Ocracoke. Overnight in Ocracoke.
    Day 3: Ocracoke to Miami (long day, but three drivers).

    Am I wasting too much time on day 2? Should I just take the ferry in the evening and drive further towards 95? Any other suggestions?

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    There is simply no way to do all the driving you propose in 2½ days safely. None. It doesn't matter that you have three drivers - that neither adds to the hours in a day nor subtracts from the miles that need to be covered. And 'sleep' gotten while sitting in a moving car is simply not the equivalent of actual sleep in a comfortable stationary bed. Your first two days are fine. It's that third day, nearly a thousand miles (?!?!) from Ocracoke to Miami, not counting the 2+ hours waiting in line for the ferry to Cedar Island, making the ferry crossing, and stuck in all the traffic on two-lane NC-12 after you leave the ferry. The only suggestion that makes any sense for you, if this is your preferred route, is to add an entire day to the drive from Ocracoke to Miami.


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    Good point. Another option would be to go Ocracoke to Jacksonville, overnight there and then continue.

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    That's still a very long day, but possible. You DO need to figure on about 12 hours from getting off the ferry to JAX. Check the ferry schedule and you MUST make reservations.

    I suppose you could take the evening ferry, but it's a bit of a drive to any civilization to find a motel, you aren't going to find any national chains till you get to Morehead City - at least an hour, if not more, from the ferry terminal.

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    I have driven up and down the east cost from FL to MA and back many times. 1. leaving NYC and driving on the NJ turnpike is at times difficult. I would stay on 95 for the fastest and safest way. NYC to NJ turnpike, to 95. If you time it right you could miss all the DC traffic. avoid DC traffic from 0600-0900. I have driven from NC to Boston via HW 17 and over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. it is a nice drive, but again, 95 is going to be the fastest and best way.

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