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    Hi, I am looking for advice for a roadtrip my family of 5 is planning in the summer months across the US. We have 9 sites we'd like to see with a day to visit each with the exception of two which we will spend two days visiting. I am trying to determine the best mode of transporation and the time needed. I was originally thinking we'd travel by RV but I am not sure if that's the best choice or not. I've also thought we could RV one way, then Amtrak back maybe. We have three weeks to complete our trip. Our destinations of interest are Yellowstone, Grand Canyon Mt. Rushmore, Nashville, New York, DC, New Orleans, Chicago and Savannaha. Another idea is maybe Amtrak the whole way with their 30 day pass and rent a car two venture out to the points we want to visit. I really like the RV idea but I am just not sure if we have the time to do that. It's difficult figuring in site seeing, drive time and sleep time. I've read that we could get one-way in 9 days taking our time so I was thing we could do 18-20 days total there and back. But then I have others say you'd need four weeks. So I am just not sure. Any advice?

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    I think you're going to have a real tough time fitting everything in that you want to do with the amount of time you have.

    Right out of the gate, the only way I see this trip working is either with a car or an RV rental. Amtrak will simply take too much time, and not take you close enough to many of the places you want to go, for it to be practical on a trip like this. With 5 people, I doubt it would be very cost effective either.

    But time is a much bigger issue.

    With all the places you want to go, doing a one way trip won't really help. You'd have to do so much zig-zagging north and south that you really wouldn't much time vs. doing a loop. A loop trip is going to require a little more than 6000 miles to hit all your stops, while a one way would still be around 5000 miles. Regardless, you are looking at 10-12 days needed just for driving. Add that to a day each in all the places you've listed, and you are already at or above the 18-20 days you have available, and that's not spending a second day at any other place or really stopping at anything else that's in the middle.

    So, basically, it could be possible, but it would have to be a very fast paced trip, and really not the kind of trip I'd recommend for a family. Unless you can add more time, you may need to cut out a couple stops, and focus more on enjoying what you can, rather than trying to fit in everything.

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    Thank you that was very helpful

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