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  1. Default most scenic Route from Madison, WI to San Francisco?

    Hi, I'll be driving from Madison to San Francisco in a U-Haul this spring and wondering what the most scenic route would be? I'd live to make it in 7 days or so, but would love to see the Badlands, the Redwood forest and any other natural parks or landmarks you'd recommend. I've been to the Grand Crayon many times so I'm not itching to see that again, Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Hi, welcome to RTA!

    The trip you mention is roughly a 4 to 5 day trip if you are in a U-Haul (truck?). That leaves you a few extra days to see the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and perhaps Wind Cave. All of those are along I-90 (I believe), in South Dakota.

    If you are relocating to the San Francisco area, you could wait on the Redwoods. There are actually several different groves! There's Muir Woods just north of the San Francisco Bay area, then there is Redwoods National Park and a bunch of California state parks, all on the northern coastal route (US-101) in Northern California. Finally, the oldest ones are in the Sequoia National Park. That one would not be very comfortable to do in a U-Haul truck, which is another reason I'd recommend that you wait to see the Redwoods.


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    Default scenic for you

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I have to agree with Donna that if you are moving to SF, I'd wait to see the redwoods until a weekend trip down the road. One clarification, the Coastal Redwoods, like those found at Redwoods National Park or Muir Woods are actually an entirely different type of tree than the giant sequoias you'll find in the Sierras at Sequoia National Park and Yosemite.

    Based on your other interests and the time you've got available, I think I would head out towards the Dakotas. You could go to Badlands National Park and then Rushmore/Black Hills along I-90, or you could take I-94 across North Dakota and see badlands at Teddy Roosevelt National Park.

    I'd continue to Yellowstone, and try to spend a couple days there, leaving to the south via Grand Teton. Head into Idaho, work your way down to I-80, and take that across to SF.

    That could be already a very full week especially in a uhaul, and I don't know if its the most scenic, but it certainly would have lots of scenic options to consider.

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    Yellowstone may or may not be a good option, depending on exactly when this "spring". It stays snowed in up there pretty late.

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