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    Default RV Hire Las Vegas - Salt Lake City

    Some friends and i are visiting America in the summer, we are starting in LA and heading to Vegas Week 1. We plan to hire an RV in Vegas and Drive To Salt Lake City Week 2.

    Any suggested routes? What should we see on the way? Suggested campsites etc?

    I have been to America a few times before but this route is new to me and we have never been in an RV.

    Hope someone can help.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Utah is filled with national parks, with Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce being a couple of them that could be along your way.

    But really, what are you thinking? Since you decided to rent an RV for this portion of the trip, you must have some things that jumped out to you already?

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    I have been to the Grand Canyon before, i was thinking of the Zion and Bryce. I'm going to do some goggling to see what looks good any adventure stuff is great e.g. quad biking or white water rafting etc. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of driving this route as at this stage i am total open minded to place to see and visit.

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    Default This route. [?]

    Hi James.

    The main point to remember here is that there is no 'This route', as you have many options and the beauty of the road trip is being able to go where you want to go.

    With this in mind, personally I would be looking at Zion, Bryce, then taking Utah scenic 12 through Escalante to Torrey and then onto Moab for Arches and Canyonlands NP. You could also stop over at Capitol Reef NP. You would have to decide at what pace you want to travel and choose your stops accordingly. From Bryce you could take a more direct route to SLC, or take a wider 'berth' and go via Vernal and Flaming Gorge Res. With an RV you will need a Tunnel escort on the Mount Carmel Highway between Zion and Bryce. It's no 'Biggie', [actually quite exciting] but it will mean a short delay and a $15 [or so] fee.

    Alternatively you could head west via Sequoia NP, Yosemite NP and Lake Tahoe before heading east. You most likely will not be permitted to drive across Death Valley with the RV, so that is something you might want to consider doing on the way to Vegas, if you are driving between LA and LV that is.

    Once you have decided we can offer suggested overnight stops and possibly campgrounds. For me, the best of the best of them are with in the NP's, but RV sites are limited in number and high in demand so you would need to get cracking, although it could be already be too late. No fear, you will be able to get spots outside of the parks if not.

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