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    I'm interested in telling a program I want start at City A and end at City B and I want to divide the trip up for x nights, and then have the trip evenly (as much as possible) divide the trip into x+1 days and tell me what cities to stop in. Any thoughts?

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    Default Not really our focus, but here's a tool that might work

    That would, for most of us, take all of the fun out of planning a road trip. Most of us prefer to route our trip based upon what we'd like to see or experience on a road trip.

    Now the RTA Custom Mapping program does allow you to set radius distances from any point in north America and you can use it (called Draw Circles on the Map Center page) to look at what cities are on a particular route on a specified distance from 100 to 500 miles which you could use to find stopping points.

    There are now, quite literally, thousands of mapping applications and one of them might do exactly what you are looking for, but it's not really our focus here at RTA.


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    Post city A and city B and how many days and I'll run it through my mapping software.

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