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    You have a good handle on the directions in my post. The route from enterprise to Edmonton is the section I have traversed many times. Unfortunately, I have never experienced the highways west of enterprise. The liard hwy is unknown to me. Im sure your van will do quite nicely. We just keep our speed to 80km/hr and the last hour is not too bad.

    Bullocks fish and chips are the French fry kind, but fresh French fries. They have the potatoe punch right beside the grill and all the fish (except for arctic char) are caught right here from great slave lake!

    Hope to see ya there!

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    Default From the impossible to the possible.

    I sincerely hope that this thread has been helpful for your trip, because it certainly has for mine. And for that, I thank you.

    Of all the destinations in YT and NWT I was considering exploring this trip (Tungsten, Inuvik, Ross River, etc.), Yellowknife was at the bottom of the list. I really envisaged that it would be both too far and too remote. And besides, I did not know anything about the roads. Some time ago I downloaded all the information about the AK and YT highways from Bell's, but they do not cover NWT. Still somehow, it kept nagging... ever since I got hooked on Ice Road Truckers, Yellowknife has beckoned.

    If it were not for the map from The Milepost I would not have a good handle on any of that area. Rand McNally do not cover it in their Road Atlas. So I keep the map handy. For the last hour I have been trawling through the internet, Youtube and all, and found every so much information.... useful information! Mind you, I should have done that a long time ago, but as I said, I thought it was not possible, and hence, ignored it.

    You have awakened the spirit! I even found a very interesting thread in the forum on Trip Advisor, from a traveller who wanted to drive from Yellowknife to Ft Nelson, in a rental car. The last post was the report on his trip. It sounds most positive. And that was only last August.

    So, time permitting, it looks entirely possible.... thanks to this thread.


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