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    Default 2013 Lap around the USA

    Well its only 16 months before we head off on our next trip to the USA.We were planning on a 3 month trip but concerned it may be a bit long to be away from home.So planning now will give us a better Idea on how long we need. We have visited a lot of the west so we will be able to bypass a lot of the National Parks we have already done.

    Our plan is to Arrive at San Francisco and spend a few days before heading north to Redwood NP and up to Crater Lake NP and then to maybe Mt Rainer NP and then Olympic NP.From Port Angeles catch a car ferry to Vancouver and have a look around Japer NP and Banff before heading to the 2013 Calgary Stampede. From here we would like to head down to Glacier NP and across to South Dakota.From here head to Buffalo and see Niagra falls from both USA and Canada. Not sure of most scenic route from Sth Dakota to Buffalo yet.

    From here to New York for a day or so.

    Now this is where it gets interesting.I will have to put the big map on the wall for this one.We would like to see some of Kentucky,Ohio and West Virginia,Tennessee and some of Mississippi and Louisianna.Thought of Florida but that may be stretching it too much.
    Back over through Texas and over to Arizona for a while then Las Vegas.From Vegas we will go to Death Valley and then over to Yosemite again and then from there over to the Coast and back down to LA and home.

    A lot of ifs and Mayby's but its a plan.Now I need to work out what we want to see in each place.I might even get to take a few photos along the way.I havent even put pen to paper to plan and its all from looking at maps so far.Time might be the killer but we managed 8000 mile in 5weeks last trip.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated and I will start a book on ideas and locations.

    John & Sandra Waters
    Roadtrippers from OZ.
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