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  1. Default Looking for Road Trip Advice for Upcoming CA to New Orleans Drive (Mid-February)


    My kid's job is relocating from WA to New Orleans, and we are planning to make a road trip/adventure of it by driving. We've never been to the big easy, and we have to find an Jamie an apartment and do all kinds of move stuff once we get there-On top of trying to figure out our way around the City (Thank goodness for the internet!) We have about 10 days for the trip, so if anyone has any route advice or travel tips we will be happy to receive any info shared. Kind of unsure about the weather, as we will be leaving mid-February, first of March...


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm a bit confused. In your title you say you are going from California to NOLA, but in your post you say you are moving from Washington. Either way, you're talking about some very big targets. Where exactly are you starting from.

    Also, is the 10 days for a round trip or just one way?

    Weather is really impossible to predict more than a couple days out, but every route between the west coast and NOLA has a chance of seeing snow or ice.

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