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    Default Alaska Roadtrip 2013

    Hello everyone! It has been 2 years since my last roadtrip and I'm back for some more help. I thank you for all the help, tips and advice I have received on here.

    I am looking at taking a one way Alaskan cruise from Vancouver, BC to Seward, AK. After the cruise I would like to do a roadtrip seeing Anchorage, Denali NP, Fairbanks and whatever in between. I'm not sure how long but was thinking 2 to 3 weeks. More if needed. What do you experts recommend we see, do, and stay? Would you rent an RV? Stay in a hotel, B&B, or cabin?

    Thanks so much!

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    Ah, I have very fond memories of two trips to Alaska. We did both with an RV. In the first one, we flew into Anchorage, rented a small motorhome, and tooled around with that for about a week. I really wish we'd had MORE time then. In the other trip, we drove up the Alaska Highway towing a 5th wheel trailer.

    For your own choice, though, RV's are a lifestyle. We have an entire thread debating the whole RV vs. car/motels, here. You'll have to make your own choice there. As far as costs are concerned, years back when we rented a motorhome, it was pretty comparable. But that's because we would have needed 2 hotel rooms.

    Two to three weeks would give you ample time to tool around the state. From Seward, you could tool over to Homer, up to Anchorage, Denali NP is worth a couple of days (especially if you like to hike and the weather is decent), Fairbanks, up to the Arctic Circle if the RV or car rental will allow you to do so, and if you can, you could go down to Valdez.

    One year we stayed at the Grizzly Bear RV Park and Cabins. I really wished we'd stayed there the second time, but we made a different decision and lived to regret it. We used the RV park, but the cabins looked really cute.

    Hope this helps....


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    Thanks so much Donna that helps me tremendously. It gives me a start for a route to travel.

    We are a camping family and yes it's a life style. We sold our travel trailer and now have a pop up. Summer 2009 we tent camped to LV, Grand Canyon and around Utah seeing most NP's it was an adventure for sure. Not something I'd want to do in Alaska as the weather can be iffy. The cabins in a campground would be an idea.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default It can be very hot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Travelgirl218 View Post
    Summer 2009 we tent camped to LV, Grand Canyon and around Utah seeing most NP's it was an adventure for sure. Not something I'd want to do in Alaska as the weather can be iffy.
    You might be surprised how hot it can be. You don't mention which month you plan to go. But in August 2004 I spent half my time in Alaska in hostels, and half tent camping. I recall it being very hot. Even in Denali State Park. Which by the way, is a lovely place to camp.

    That year also, was the year of their worst wildfires ever.

    'The Milepost' will give you a complete list of campgrounds and services along the way, as well as all the ferry information. A must-have publication for any holiday in Alaska.


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