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    Hi all,
    Myself and my partner are planning this trip next year, but I'm finding it hard to figure out a route to take! Not least because I am from the UK and am having trouble with how far the distances are from state to state, and if we'd have enough time to take quite a winding route heading more southernly and then back up (I'm quite interested in visiting the Mid West/South) or whether to stick to a fairly straight line along the country, through the Great Lakes which I hear is also beautiful.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Are there any places/states/cities along the way that are worth including in the route over others? We definitely want to do the National Parks around the area along the way.
    We have about 6 weeks starting from around the third week of May, so please be honest if you think this is too big a trip for this amount of time!
    So far, I've roughly gone through a few routes: (Not all these states are ones I know much about, they were just necessary to travel through)

    Portland-Idaho-Wyoming (Yellowstone)-Colorado-South Dakota-Nebraska-Kansas-Iowa-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Chicago

    Portland-Idaho-Wyoming (Yellowstone)-Colorado-Kansas-Missouri-Indiana-Chicago

    Portland-Idaho-Wyoming (Yellowstone)-Colorado-Nebraska-Missouri-Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana-Chicago

    Thanks so much, sorry if this is confusing!


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    Default Plenty of time.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To start with, you have a nice amount of time to do some exploring, in fact you could drive from Portland to Chicago in 5 long days via Interstate. To be honest you coluld pretty much go anywhere in the US you wanted to, but of course not everywhere. There will be literally thousands of options as you continue to research.

    I would suggest you study more of the USA with a good map to hand and use the RTA site as your planning resource. As well as searching the forums there are a whole lot of planning tools and info to be found in the tool bars above. There are just too many options and variables for us to be of much help at the moment, but as you go through your planning keep asking questions as and when needed. You could drop all the way down to Southern Utah and Arizona [Grand canyon, Monument valley] and through Colorado to explore some of the great National parks and diverse scenery.

    You would in fact have time to do a loop trip around the country heading out one way and back another rather than going up and down. The main advantage of this is that there will be no one way drop off fee on the car rental and flights can sometimes be cheaper in and out of the same city.

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    Just a thought, but do a linear trip. Pick a road and drive its length.

    One possibility would be US Highway 12, which goes from Aberdeen, Washington, through Minneapolis-St. Paul, Chicago and finishes in Detroit.

    Definitely take a cruise from Portland to the coast and north into Washington state to Victoria, British Columbia and Seattle before you head east.

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