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    I know its not much travelin' time but I am from Dallas and will be staying in Austin, Tx on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will only have money to stay on a motel those 3 (maybe even two days). I really have no choice but to stay in a rest area Saturday night and head home Sunday morning. Do you guys have any advice on staying in rest areas? I'm not sure if its legal or very safe but i'll probably end up doing that. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appriciated, thanks! :)

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm not sure if its legal or very safe but i'll probably end up doing that
    Why would you "end up doing that" if you are aware that you may be breaking the law and putting yourself at risk ? Could you not drive back in the evening Saturday ? The 4 hour drive home and a comfortable bed sounds a much better option to me. If not you should find a truck stop/ service area that has people around and is well lit, purchase something from the shop and/or get gas and inform the staff you intend to get a few hours kip and check if that is OK.

    Your own personal safety should be put above everything else, take care.

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    It is legal to sleep at a Texas Rest Area, however legal and safe are two vastly different things. Rest areas are about the most dangerous place where you can sleep, if you are going to sleep in your car.

    More importantly, I don't really understand why you could possibly say that you "have no other choice."

    First, you can find a pretty cheap room in Austin. Looking at the RTA Reservation section you can get a room there for as little as $32 a night.

    Second, as Dave mentioned, its only 200 miles from Austin to Dallas. I can tell you that there have been plenty of times that I've gone to a show/game/event that was 200 miles away and just driven home rather than pay for a room. You do have to pace yourself so you don't end up too exhausted to drive, and obviously drinking is out (but that would be true if you were sleeping in your car too), but since you are already spending the Friday night in Austin, driving back to Dallas at the end of your day on Saturday should be quite easy.

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