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    hi this raj from raleigh nc i am planning to drive from raleigh nc to Sfo CA this nov. i need your help for route to take, should i take i40w or 80w pls let me know abt wether conditions during that time (NOV).

    thank you

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    There's only about 35 miles difference between the two routes. On a trip that is roughly 2850 miles long, that is nothing. So this is entirely up to you and what you would like to see along the way. As you note, weather might be a factor in November, but it could affect either route. There is no way to predict weather this far in advance of your trip. In fact, even if you wait until the last minute and get the best weather prediction available, the predictions you get at departure for the western portion of your trip will be almost useless. So your best bet is to wait until you get a relatively up-to-date forecast just before you leave and make your choice of routes on that basis at that time.


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    Default For the relative lack of traffic, I'd choose I-40

    Hello raj,

    Foy from Raleigh here. Though it's been 4 years since I did it, I co-drove Raleigh-Ventura, CA with my son in early November 2007. We found I-40 to be a fine, direct drive with few traffic congestion issues west of Nashville, TN. We did manage to hit Albuquerque, NM on a weekday rush hour morning, but that was it in terms of urban/suburban congestion.

    In the last 16 months, I've driven Raleigh-Montana twice and Raleigh-Utah once, and getting through St Louis and Kansas City and Denver was a significant hassle each time. Add to that the mountains in VA-WV on the route Mapquest foolishly recommends to reach I-64 in WV, and you "earn" the opportunity to add Lexington and Louisville, KY to your urban congestion parade. Neither is a metropolis, but Louisville is currently dealing with sudden closure of a major bridge over the Ohio, so it would seem wise to avoid it altogether.

    Add to that the present closed status of the major and most direct link between KC and I-80 at Lincoln,NE, that being I-29 to IA-2, is closed due to damage from the summer-long Missouri River flooding, and the result is you'd be persuaded to swing north through Cincy, Indy, and through some major cities in IL and IA to reach Omaha, not to mention adding SLC, Reno, and Sacremento to your route. That closure led me to stay west on I-70 at KC and experience Denver rush hour traffic in connecting to I-80 at Laramie, WY. Overall, not what I'd choose. Lastly, I-80 from Cheyenne to Salt Lake City can be tough, even in early winter, due to the very high elevations it holds, particularly from Cheyenne to Rawlins.

    Once you reach CA on I-40, you'll turn west (CA 58 at Barstow?) to the interior superhighway running up the Central Valley (CA 99?) to the Bay area. No need to experience the LA Basin traffic to reach I-5.

    Safe travels.


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